Monday, August 29, 2011

OOTD - Friday, before Irene


Running errands,
 buying everything we need,
before Irene.

Walmart was pack of people
 and empty counters.

We are blessed to have gone through it safely.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Glad you are safe! You look fantastic in that dress! Love it with that belt! You have such great style! P.S. I'll answer your message as soon as I can! xx

  2. I'm glad you were safe too. All eyes of the nation were on the East Coast wishing you all safe landing.

    This outfit is SO CUTE on you! It might be my favorite summer outfit yet.

  3. Kitty -Thank you! You are very sweet.
    I love this dress and the belt!
    Don't worry, take your time :o)

  4. Crew cricket - we have been blessed of having no serious damage here in Astoria, Queens. Long Island suffered a lot with Irene but thank God everyone is okay.
    I love this dress and was almost forgetting to use it this summer!
    We need to race against time to be able to use all dresses ... the summer is so short and goes by so fast!
    Thanks for the sweet comments, and come by :-)


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