Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anthro maxi


Finally I got my 
Water's Edge skirt, Anthropologie
Just lovely...
I ordered size XSmall once I'm very small on bottom,
and it fits TTS imo. I could go with the small as well, but sometimes the extra fabric
is not a plus to my frame :- P
Also it still long on me as you can see on pics - of course, I'm only 5 ft tall...
It's a very substantial fabric as many of you already know that, and it will be a great  piece for
love this scarf :o) 
not J.Crew

Let the Fall comes...
Have a wonderful day !


  1. It looks FABulous on you!!! I'm so glad you love it. Looking forward to more of your sets. :)

  2. Thanks shopwithm :o)
    It's very comfy, and I'm planing to wear it a tom through Fall...

  3. looks AWESOME!! yay, im glad you have it now!!

  4. Mrs.anketell, thank you for stopping by :o)
    I'm glad I got it!


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