Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm devastated. - Enfermeira mata cachorro a pancadas !

I always believed in the goodness of people. 
Always trying to do the right thing, to smile, to be humorous,
 and I apologize when I think have hurt or have been rude to someone.

Last Tuesday I forgot my cell phone in a mall's restroom, and after reading my text and BBM requests to hand the phone to the mall security or to call to my house trying to arange any way to return my cell phone, the person (a WOMAM) decided not to do so and pobably even sold my cell phone (a Blackberry Bold to make what? $100 or $200?!
That's sad :-(
I was very upset with the gesture of a "woman" who usually is more generous, rational and sensible, and I didn't think that a "woman" would act with such coldness and contempt for what is not hers
Such a indifference to the lives of others.
Today I come across this video, made ​​by another "woman", believe it or not, called as a nurse, she committed a crime in front of her daughter! 
In fact two crimes of aggression. What is our world coming to with such indifferences and cruelties?

I am devastated.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Card

Candy Cane Stripes Christmas
Turn your favorite photos into Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Friday, December 9, 2011

thursday & fringe scarf

Another beautiful autumn day,
 but cold ...

Leather Trimmed Double Breasted Cape, Loft

Skinny pants, Express
White shirt, Boden
Flats, Talbots (see info bellow)
 Beautiful well made cape,
 light weight, and chic!

Beautiful shoes!

Thanks to ABC,
 read it here
and I fell over heels for it!
Love it, very comfy.

On final sale now for $64 ( I got it for $34 last promo)
- 40%off promo going on code: SALE
$pend $100 for free shipping :-)-
 This pretty bag is ready to be retired.
It got ripped yesterday,
maybe because I'm craving another red bag by Coach?! :-P
Before I step out of the house, 
I grabbed the Small metallic-dot scarf, J.Crew.
And when I opened the door, look what I found:
Plaid Fringe Scarf, F21 - $5.90
F21-Cream/red color
Asos (to compare)
                                            On me:
 F21 Plaid Fringe scarf,
you can check Asos scarf on me here.

Asos Brushed Check scarf on top, and F21 Fringe plaid scarf on botton
I like both, but particularly the F21 scarf better, 
It seems thicker and softer.
The plaid colors with the cream is so pretty and soft, but the Asos scarf is more look alike J.Crew cashmere plaid scarf.

What do you choose?
I chose the two :-P
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brushed Tartan

I was so in love with the JC Cashmere plaid scarf 
 - not at all with the price
that I decide to hunt for a similar/copy of it around the stores, 
and there I was on Cyber Monday: online all morning!
 That's what I found:
 By Asos web:
Checked scarf, featuring a classic tartan check design, long wide styling with fringed ends, and a soft brushed finish."
100% Acrylic.
Not as thick as I expected,
 but it is a nice toutch to any outfit.
 Very funny how fashion is always spinning,
 what seemed out of style in the past year,
is back as the hit of fall/winter collection.
The Cape jacket, 
here in wool by Express from few years ago.

 I don't have a better picture
 of this cape,
 but it has only one
 button on the collar.
The cut is similar 
to the J.Crew cape jacket, 
you can find it here or
But this one is 
a bit longer
(what I like).

I'd prefer if 
I could close it
 all way down.

(I might fix that :-)
 My beloved Regent Hunter boots.
first time out of the house :-)
Love, love, love!
 Perfect long sleeve tee in henna, J.Crew.
  And those are the most clear,
 and real in color tons pictures of the Asos scarf:
 On day light.
Have a wonderful (rainy) day!!!!!!

PS: I also orderedd a Plaid Fringe Scarf by F21, 
but I didn't receive it yet.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

hunting a turkey

It was a wet and chilly day, 
when I went after the turkey for Thanksgiving.
Sequin sweatshirt,  Printed scarf in wool, Rigby hobo and Jewelry, J.Crew;
Loafer flats, AE for Payless; leggings, local store
Sherpa-lined puffer vest in slate, J.Crew

Denim mini skirt, Gap
Oops, I think I have a dirty/finger prints mirror :-P
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

its friday - OOTD

Without any plans to venture into the black Friday,

I decided to leave late afternoon to see what was happening outside of the house.
I passed by AnthropologieJ. Crew and Loft ,
and I heard that sales were great, 
and began at 4 am!
Pants, Loft; Thermal tee, J.Crew; Loafers, Steven Madden; Chambray Utility jacket, J.Crew, scarf J.crew (in the car)
It was unexpected warm last Friday!
J.Crew jacket in size 6 (eBay found for $12.50), 
TTS to small imo, I believe because of the detachable lining,
 that makes it more box and warm.

J.Crew necklace
Belt, J.Crew 
25% off sale untill Sunday.
Cabled Cocoon Poncho, $128
I have reviewed here before, 
and this Moss/Olive color,
that was my first color choice,
was the only color HUGE on me :-(, 
but this one at this time looks fine as the other colors,
 and I couldn't let it pass for this price - $23
( $15 with the 50%off that was n 'till 11 am)
 I love this color!
I also tried:
on sale for $149 
(great price with you bite with the 50% off!)
 Size small
Very cozy and D E L I C I O U S feeling,
but as you can see it looks huge on my figure,
I think I'm too short for this one because one sale's girl was wearing it in Medium (she is tall and slim) and it looks to drape very nicely and gorgeous on her!
It comes in XS (s/o in sotre), 
but the length doesn't change (she said).
Also tried this long cardi 
(I can't find it online and the name)
Size Small

After looking at this pictures, it looks like a pajamas to me :-(

At J.Crew
 there was no promo on Thaksgiving as usual, 
only the 25%off of $150 purchase online and in store, 
I only got the 
in dark grape.
I tried to order from home the 

 on sale for $79.50 right now, 
 (in my wishlist)
but it got sold out even in petite sizes :-(
Oh well, hope it can pop-back soon.

At Loft,
 in peacock tea
with 40% off + $20 rewards :-)
LOVE this color!
Great pants.

Have you score some goodies on Black Friday?
Have a wonderul weekend!

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