Monday, April 29, 2013

Botanical garden

All Jcrew, and first time I post from my cell phone!
I'm so excited with this new possibility!
Blue eggs from Red Robin bird,
I never saw them before!
little warms them in all colors!
fruit flowers,
what a delicious smell...
He loved this trip,
and so do I!
We had a great time :o)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

sometime this week

This week I'm even lazier than usual ...
but here's one of my outfits this week:
 All J.Crew minus ballet flats - Shoestock from Brazil,
and below these flowers were so beautiful that it was impossible to pass without taking them with me on my phone: o)

 I just love Spring!
And on the end of the day...
Chocolate lover's cake,
oh boy...
my son took care of it :P

Monday, April 15, 2013

easy Sunday


 All J.Crew minus Sperry Top-Sider.
  love this Factory denim jacket,
which for me is the best makeover of the Nolita Denim jacket bellow:
 from 2011(?!),
not sure,
but it looks sooo the same!
What do you think?!
Never tried this Nolita denim jacket in question,
but I'm very happy with my "replica" from Factory!
Have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

navy & snake

madame tussauds

 all J.crew minus the necklace - F21
and bracelet - Coldwatercreek,
and I ended coming back home with the Pavé Heart Pendant Necklace - Jcrew,
that I found on sale at Rockefeller Center B&M after all;
and  Jacket  - Loft

I think this mini bag goes very well with almost all outfits!
And there I go:

it was my first time there, 
can you believe it?
 but this view I know very well,
and I love NYC!
 here I am,
ready to meet with the good ones....
 I love her!
she is one of the most perfect replicas,
Rob Pattinson..he doesn't look himself at all... the other hand...
 I "die hard" in the company of Bruce Willis,
the bald guy,
 and I do not like bald men
but in this case ...
he is just too perfect!:P
 Good people,
 the wealth and glamor,
 the "First Family"
because everyone needs a little art,
 and color in life to paint it happily :o)
He is great!
Have a lovely Sunday!

PS: My cell phone died and I could not take a picture with all my faves there,
but I will definitely go back!
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