Friday, August 19, 2011

boston getaway


We had a great time!

Boston is very clean!
We ate well, all my boys favorite food,
in a brazilian restaurant at the  Quincy market
 and my favorite J.Crew piece of the Season,
the hat :o)
trying to pose for the picture...
there we the Aquarium

they loved it
and want to take some home...

touching the shark
was the best part of the trip!
besides the food at Chinatown...

My little man killed 2 lobsters by himself!
Me watching them having fun in the water

it stays until midnight!

water is everywhere

i'm well protect as you can see :o)
beautiful park


look closely...I'm there.
dinner time,
and much more fun!

They got really wet and a lot of
Have a wonderful weekend :o)

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