Friday, January 27, 2012

boy's birthday and 3 in 1 outfit

Yesterday was the birthday of my youngest boy!!!
We had a good time

we went after school and cup cakes to buy the gift he wanted,
and the day ended with the all family together eating his favorite food:

The outfit I chose was to be used original with my oxford flats,
 I thought it was so cute!
Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and I exchanged the flats by a bootie,
 which was nice too :-). 
But when we left the school, 
the weather started to drizzle ...
and I finished my day wearing my Hunter,
 and you know what, 
the look with the Hunter boots was pretty cool!!!
- forgot to take pics with the Hunter :-( -

 Honeycomb Cable sweather, heather mint,
love, love, love, love!
 with oxford flats.
 One of my best winter buys: the Plaza coat in Natural color.
with bootie, super comfortable!
Shirt, Landsend Canvas
Sweater, J.Crew
Plaza Coat, J.Crew
Skinny pants, Express
Bootie, Gap (only $23 at store)
Jewelry, J.Crew

Keep yourself dry, 
and have a great day!
PS: J.Crew is having 50%off FS in store!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sequin-stripe henley tank

Just a quick post about one more goodie I found last Monday
the Gap store in this "mix" Mall tha I spoke about it is an outlet, 
and I have found several good deals over there
like this Sequin-stripe henley tank, 
in color orange for only $9 !

Much like the J.Crew Sequin tank
which I missed buying:-(

The only difference is that the cotton of the Gap tank is firmer and thicker,
in others is the same cut-and-effect as the J.Crew one.
I loved the tone orange/red of this tank,
sequin only in the front)
and I already can see myself wearing it a lot on
 Spring and Summer!
It comes in green as well, very cute top!
HAve a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

faux fur

I tried all week to post about this deal,
but for some reason I didn't do it.
Last Monday I went to do errand with mom,
and found one of my favorite Loft store,
 located in a mix outlet & retail stores Mall, 
open for their last week,
and offering 75%off in everything!
Not much goodies left (if I new about that 3 weeks ago...),
 but pants and sweaters were around $5-$15,
and I grabbed the last and only one Faux Fur vest,
waiting for me in my size for only $16.
I have been looking for one faux fur vest for a while,
I'm so happy I found this one! 
It fits nicely without adding too much weight, 
and for this price I won't feel guilty of buying something that might never comes out of my closet, 
because I'm not so sure how to wear it :-P

The pictures doesn't do it justice,
it's a very pretty vest.
And my OOTD:

Snowbound puffer, Jcrew, Small
Slim corduroy pant, NY&Co, size 4
Ankle boots, Gap
 Love this bracelet,
I  wish I had found the green/mint and orange color as well.
Have you all a great weekend!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping with mom

 I took my mom to one of my "every time" to go Mall.
We didn't find anything crazy on sale,
but we had some fun :-)
this was my first time wearing my new
Glitter oxford ballet flats
I loved it! 
 Slim ponte knit pant, Express, 
    super comfy legging style.
Sorry for the bad pictures,
but I'm still learning how to deal with my new Blackberry Torch,
beautiful DH's gift ( I didn't take the sticker from the back of the cell phone yet)
touch screen with on-screen keyboard, so
it will take a lot of practice for me to take 
good pictures :P
Have you all a great day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

from last year..

I almost forgot about these pictures,
my outfit for a Friend's weeding,
late October of 2011.

Curly hair from early 80's-lol

acessories: J.Crew

Handbag: J.Crew

Battery Park, New York
Beatiful sunny day!

And for last, 
my beloved Icon Trench coat, J.Crew.
Have a happy and wonderful day!

Hello 2012

Today I came across this quote, 
and I could not find anything better to express
my wish to you for 2012.
Happy New Year!
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