Monday, August 22, 2011

Anthro fitting-room

anthro goodies

I had some time yesterday to run to Anthropologie
and grab my beloved blouse bellow, 
now on sale!
City Cousin Blouse, color orange sold out online.
Also, found...
Water's Edge skirt, blue (grey s/o online),
but a few available in store in both colors.
Printed Boy tee, Stripes green motif color
I felt this tee a bit snug for my regular Small size in Anthro/J.Crew tops
I have it on hold.
I surprisely love the Water's Edge skirt in this blue color! 
(I kind of like the combo together too :-)
So, I took the skirt home with me to make sure 
I can make it work with what I already own in my closet :o)
love this color, but I need size small
 (XS on picture, only one left)
Really like this "wrap" short cardigan,
I can't find the name and picture online,
but because  it was with a little hole in the right arm, I left it behind...
(only $19.95)
 also in watermelon/peach color.
not sure it "stays" still on shoulders , 
but me likey it!

Have you visit Anthropologie Sale section lately?!


  1. Everything looks good on you! Love the maxi skirt in the blue on you, too!

    I'm really bad at keeping up with blogs and commenting, but wanted to tell you I love your blog and seeing how you wear things IRL! xx

  2. Thanks Kitty!
    I'd love to write English well and articulate, I would be able to keep my blog updated and always more fun :-)
    Still would not be easy, I get distracted easily with the events of the day, and I don't have a routine in my week now :-P
    Maybe someday, who knows ...
    I am very happy to know that you like to come by and enjoy a little bit about me :-)
    Please check back often, I love your comments and your taste in clothes!

  3. I love these pieces on you! Especially since we have similar taste in clothes but you always seem to do a better job at accessorizing and styling. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  4. I just LOVE the blue maxi skirt with the stripe tee on you. I have the tee and also found it was a bit snug, but still comfy, and it did stretch a bit by the end of the day.

  5. Michelle- Thank you for stoping by and for the sweet comment :-)

    ABC - Thank you!
    I LOVE the tee on you and that's why I tried it on :o) I got the skirt and have the tee on hold to think better, good to know that it stretches a bit, the cotton is very comfy ;-)


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