Tuesday, March 26, 2013

union square

While around and about at Union Square with my mom,
I could not pass by our beloved JC without a quick sneak pick :)
Clip dot top - $135
sold out online!

 size 4
 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
lightweight top with a chiffon lining,
very pretty!
Only complain is $$$, 
so if you love it you better hurry,
get it while this promo last (ends TODAY!).

something new in my outfit:
 Bracelet - Gap (not online)
color mint with gold 
similar here.
 Also checked this pretty necklace:
 Crystal and cabochon necklace - $45 $39.99 online
heather cloud
beautiful color sold out online and FP in stores :(
(black on sale in stores for $24.99),
Gigi reviewed it here.

$99 in stores and online,
size 6,
TTS to small (my girls speaking..:P)
the print camouflages the girls very well imo :o)

I also managed to stop at Banana Republic,
want to check the Abby ballet flat,
Mint color,
because I'm 100% into this color :o)
left side no flash,
right side flash on.
 they didn't have my size,
so this one is 1/2 size small and I'm assuming this flats is TTS.
Beautiful color,
very comfortable,
(40%off FP items on this day - great deal!)
Sorry to take a picture with tights...
looks like and old lady legs and shoes :(.

Independent of pantyhose, 
I prefer the classic ballet flats, which I posted about here
I think the mint color is more soft and delicate.

And this is all I got from my OOTD:
 All J.Crew,
 minus boots - Calvin Klein
I forgot to take a picture at the fitting room,
but I didn't forget to check the DSW sale section...
score this sandals for only $14 :o)
New shoes = happy girl!
Have you all a lovely day!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

eyelet & spearmint

Something from last 30%off sale,
 and 20%off in store promo knit and tees (?):
2 new  goodies
picture with flash
Classic Leather ballet flats - $98
Color spearmint
no flash
I'm obsessed with this color,
and it didn't disappointed irl.
I ordered 1/2 size small to figure if it was the best for the arch support (last year I returned one in my regular size because it was coming off all the time I try to walk with it).
It feels good though,
but a bit fitted on my toes to my taste...it is not as comfortable as Cece ballet flats,
and I was told by my VPS that it doesn't have arch support,
and I agree, 
but ordered it because of the color - love - :o)
Lovely still!

marled cloud color
beautiful airy eyelet,
the inside - backed in chiffon
(hope you can have some idea),
well made.
so pretty and soft!
I reviewed it before here not in XS size,
check it out on shopwithm too!
 I love it with white!
skinny ankle jeans - Madewell

 Skirt - Gap
Brushstroke Mini - J.Crew
As you can see,
this sweatshirt is so much fun!

Next is about crochet lace,
I'm in a hunt for a nice, pretty and cute lace shorts,
hard to find but I came across this one at Express:
Crocheted Lace Shorts, $69.90 - size 6
warm stone color.
-it was on sale, and I paid $29 after coupons- 
Very well made,
delicate and romantic,
I love the color and the crochet/lace,
...but soooo short (not even 3").
I sized up to maybe get some length...
but I think it still looking toooo short :(
Have you seen some shorts like that besides J.Crew?!
share :o)
Have a lovely day!

Monday, March 18, 2013


There I went to check some goodies at my local Gap store:
size small.
long but lovely!
Size small
I love this dress first time lay my eyes on it online,
but I didn't get to excited with it irl.
may is the color...white,
also available in blue (check Gigi review here),
and in floral.
Size small in white.
Love this dress,
similar to last year version that I have in blue
cute detail on chest.
they didn't have the size 4 ( I tried it before and felt it was the right size),
but I got surprise that the size 2 fits well,
not looking to tight everywhere.
I ended exchange my striped knit moto jacket - view here
for this one.
I do like the moto jacket, 
but maybe because it is unlined,
 if I want to throw over any tee or shirt it will grab on my sleeves and the color was been an issue for me to leave it in place.
I felt a bit sloppy looking after I bought it,
and this blazer felt a bit more in place keeping a crispy looking on my opinion.
Check it on Gigi here.
I was looking for something like the maritime blazer (I tried it yesterday -pictures to come- and I didn't like it on me).
I'd prefer the thin lines against this thick one in navy,
but for me this Gap blazer give me a better "put together" look (I just exchanged it today for the size 4 I found in another store, which makes me feel more comfortable).
Both has long sleeves (even size 2 is very long,
but after all I really like them.
Worth the $ after the 30% off  - GAPFRIENDS code - extended until today 03/18/13.

and for last,
All J.Crew minus Sexy Boyfriend jeans - Gap ($20 in stores)/ scarf - Anthropologie.
love this jeans!
and to finish my day,
a quick stop at La Guly pastry,
check bellow the damage:

This one was mine :o)
Have you all a lovely Monday!
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