Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stripes for Friday & pit stop at B&M

Last Friday I managed to have lunch again with DH and stopped at Jcrew for a return, and I was able to check 3 items on sale ;-)
Lace- front sweatshirt -$59.99
Size small,
Color hthr natural
I didn't expect to like this color, but i love it! I was looking for the navy, but it seems to be sold out most stores and online in size small both colors.
I think this is a great color for Fall, and I can picture it with my navy schoolboy blazer, but I'm still not sure about which color to choose, I just got the horsing sweatshirt in navy, and I'm a little be convinced that I should get the natural color...what you think?!
Next is the scallop trim mini skirt :
Size 4, color bright cerise ( $59.99 in store if I'm not wrong) a bit tight on my waist.
Size 6, much better and comfy! Love the color and skirt! It doesn't look too ballon on the bottom IMO.
Size 4 on left side and size 6 (waist detail) on the right picture. Lovely!
Skinny utility chino:
My regular Size 4: LOVE it!!!
Tuscan Olive color, so comfortable! Seems to be middle waist ;-) TTS
And last but least, my OOTD:
All JCrew minus the shoes: Arezzo Brazil - gift.
Have a
Lovely day!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Navy, white & red - OOTD

I love the way Slastena mix patterns on her outfits, and this is all about her style ;-).
Tank top & bag: JCrew | cardigan: Madewell | skimmers pants: JCrew factory | loafers: Gap | watch: Fossil | jewelry: JCrew & F21 bracelet .
I'm ready to go! 
Kisses and Pumpkin Spicy Latte - pumpkin lovers!-

Monday, September 23, 2013

Feast of San Gennaro - Little Italy

This past Sunday was the last day of the Feast of San Gennaro at Little Italy in NYC!
We could not missed it!
My new shoes- found at TJMAXX: Coach| Sweater, jewelry and bag: JCrew|  shorts: Madewell.
Fun at the feast:
Have you all a lovely day!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

OOTD - Maxi skirt

I met DH for lunch at the city today, and finally took this maxi skirt out of my closet for the first time!
Maxi skirt: Victoria Secrets| tee, shoes & bag: Jcrew| necklace   & punk bracelet: F21 & bracelet orange: Jcrew.
It was a beautiful day!
Have a nice day,

Jeweled sweater

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Something new...

O just got 2 new goodies last week, and I want   to share my love for them.
One is good for fall/winter, and another from the end of Summer.
Collection cashmere  boyfriend sweater - item #47920 - pale pink. I just LOVE the color of this sweater, so delicate, exactly light pink I was looking for, and the softness and fit is very nice!
I think this is a perfect color combination!
well, I have decided this year not to buy 3" short anymore, once I fell in love for the 7" length, but I could not resisted to the orange paisley short, that is much  prettier irl.
I sized up for a more loose, lower and maybe more length look, and I really liked it!
The sweater is size XS ( runs big as the Merino Boyfriend sweater), and the short is size 6.

I also tried the Dolphin grey toothpick, that I love the lengthy , color and jean is so comfy! But as much as I loved the color, there is something between me and  light grey pants that doesn't work :-( 
I guess it's not for me. 
TTS, lovely color, delicious fit and great for fall! 
Do you have any color/item that you love, but it doesn't quite work out for you?!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

B&M visit

Hello everyone, 
I know many of you probably saw these items in store or other blogs, but here it goes one more review of some of my favorite:
This "mini rose" tee is so cute! I saw it as soon as I step in , but a week ago ( time of my visit) it was not available online , have you seen it yet?! On my wish list it goes...
I tried size small and it is TTS, nice soft cotton, bellow is the tag info:
Next is me horsing around...
Love this sweatshirt in, and navy was the one available in store which I loved it, even more 'cause the horses are not " white" as i thought looking at the web pictures, it's more like a stone/ light cream color, very cute. Size small, TTS, soft and fit just right!
Pixie pants in black, after trying size 4 for the first time I finally found out that size 2 is the best fit for me, and will need this to get professionally  shorter, even the "short" length is long for me ;-(- love it -  and to my wish list it goes!
I also tried the other two pixies:
Gigi already reviewed them...The pixie Jodhpur up left picture and the pixie in leather tuxedo stripe on hthr charcoal, both size  2.
Really like the original one most ( sorry for the bad pictures, we can hardly see that it is not black).
The wool racing- stripe track pant:
My first time ever size 0 pants! Yes, first I asked for the size 4 ( Michelle -5th av. Store-lovely- grabbed the size 2 as well for me to try), and lately I was suggested to size down to 0 ,which was the best fit and comfortable pants ever in wool! Not itchy or tight anywhere, just relax like leggings- love the navy with red stripes :-) runs big.
Bellow is the Tweed merino sweater in grey:
Size XS, generous and comfy, also Boxy as Ina reviewed, but I love the feeling/ fit , and the color combination. Cute!
I tried a few more things that I'll be posting soon.
last but not least my OOTD:
simple & summery :-)
All Jcrew minus shirts|Madewell.
Have you all a lovely day!

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