Monday, June 17, 2013

Fan in navy

Another beautiful Jcrew inspired necklace:
Fan Fringe necklace in navy by GroopDealz, very pretty!
I'm so happy with my first 2 purchases from them, that I'm already kicking myself for not getting the turquoise on this one as well while was still available for sale!
I confess I was a little afraid about what I was gonna get, and I'm very surprise with this knockoff necklace.
For sure I will keep hunting for the others, I high recommend it!
What do you think?  Nice and easy colors to combine, right ?!
Have a lovely day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rose in mint

Thanks to Gigi 
that posted about this beautiful look alike /Jcrew Inspired Rosette necklace:
By GroopDealz ( sorry I can't add link on my cell phone).
I didn't think twice,  I went straight there b/c I had my eyes on the coral color - sold out!
  It was hard to choose between so many other colors, all very pretty!
After a long debate, I settle on the mint color,  and I couldn't be happier :-)
It's sooo pretty and well made. 
The color is exactly as shown above, light mint just the way I wanted.
that I had the opportunity of truing  the knockoff of JCrew rose necklace, 
I'm waiting for another one on the mail:
Also from GroopDealz - just b/c I stopped by their web 2 days after my first purchase- and found  the inspired Jcrew Fan necklace up for sale ( regret not getting the turquoise one  as well)!

I'm very happy with the necklaces and looking forward for more colors and some style ideas :o)
Have you gotten one of these beautiful necklaces?!
Have you all a wonderful day!
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