Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J.Crew + "The Romantics" = Love

I'm in love again!
J.Crew Fall Collection with the cast of "The Romantics" movie.

 Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Jeremy Strong, Rebecca Lawrence e Adam Brody

Go behind the scenes of "The Romantics" here.
Shop "The Romantics" look here.

Be romantic with J.Crew!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall 2010 - Nail polish

Have you check the new fall nail polishes yet?
I'm in love with this one too:
Chanel Paradoxal Nail polish
dark gray-violet
Review here

And this:
Opaque dark smoke with a hint of purple, and also happens to be environmentally friendly.

Have you already choose yours?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OOTD - Target trip

Late post...sorry :-(
That's what I wore today to go to Target with my boys and...Lego Store!
My Godness! I need them "back to school" soon!!!

New York & Company Zip-Vent Ankle Jegging
Arezzo ballet flats
J.crew necklace & bracelet
I really love this print,
but I think the pink color on this one is more me, and I returned it :-(
Essie Lapis of luxury - a dreamy ocean blue
That's all for this rain Monday.
Around with my boys with the umbrella all the time.
Hope you had a great dry Monday :-) 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Color of the week - Lapis of Luxury

I got these nail polishes about 1 month and 1/2 ago or so and I cannot get tired of them!
Lapis of Luxury
Splash of Grenadine
Turquoise & Caicos
Playa Del Platinum

"Vibrant and trendy, these bold colors are a must-have accessory for every beach goer and
for those with no vacation plans in sight, they'll bring a ray of sunny paradise into the day. "

Look the size of these nail polishes! Perfect for who loves colors, and that way you can have as many as possible without letting them to dry so fast. Believe me, you have enough to enjoy many times! (at least for Summer - 2 months of a lot of fun!) lol

Lapis of Luxury
That's my color choice for this week.
What is yours?
Happy Monday!

Speedy B&M visit at Jcrew last Saturday :-)

I didn't have a chance to try this gorgeous blouse in my quick visit to my local J.Crew store
$98.00 item 30742

or this gorgeous blouse in this print:
Bayberry flouncette blouse
$98.00 item 28783

Beautifully reviewed here by Andrea.
The fabric is soft and sheer, so delicate and beautiful! Love it!
Could you swap this blouse above for the F21 new arrival blouse bellow?


For a fraction of the price and the similarities...
I could!
I would give this babe above a try!
Would you?
Quick Pick of try out at the store:
Beautiful print with a lot of purple tones

A little close up

This floral shirt has a great fit and it is made of lightweight cotton.

 I thought the little flower print was lovely.

Marled shawl- collar cardigan, beautiful in both colors!

Sorry for the bad quality of my pictures :-(
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Giveaway from "Petite Gorgeous"

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!
Mine started at 9 am in the Pool for my boys swimming class, and when I thought it was not that hot...we all got sunburn...:-/
 But we had so much fun!  
I have not much energy left...just a little be for a quick note: 

"Petite Gorgeous" is having a such nice giveaway!
Don't miss this great giveaway!

Have a lovely night :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday afternoon outfit - IRL

Good Monday morning everyone!!!
Last Saturday was gorgeous and we decide to take the kids to Barnes & Nobles to get some books, but all they found at first look in the store was a lot of LEGOS!
Oh my...
Here I go:
WOW, I got tall! LOL
 Jcrew Corali cami  &  Jcrew watercolor lily short

I tuck the top in on the front (just for picture)
  Fireball cluster necklace,  Arezzo wedge sandals and the Hockney tote

I love this combination

After all we stop by the mall for a quick return and some Burger king for the boys and...
guess what they found?

oh yeah...games

on the ipad :-)
Now I'm in a HUGE trouble - lol.
Have you found something interesting over the weekend?

Have a gorgeous Monday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Outfit - IRL

Happy Saturday everyone!
Sorry for this late post about Friday.
 I've being around with my boys these past days and very busy.
We are taking advantage of those gorgeous weather days to do as much as we can for fun...we only have a couple weeks left right?
Thank God it rained on Thursday, because I got my "monthly visit" and it took all my energy away and what I want to do is rest...thanks PMS!
 I haven't in a mood to do anything...
But Friday I woke up looking for a bright sunny day to give me more energy so I decided to put some "simplice" on and had another great day with my boys!
Here is what I wore yesterday:

Here IRL:
New Loft Basic V-neck tee & old Gap short Jcrew Fireball cluster necklace
 Trying to show my Puma Simplice sneaker - lol
I feel like this Fresco print.
I really love this print.

Ahhh, I could not live without commenting about this little cat "silly band"...
my kids got a bunch of it as a prize in a birthday party and of course my youngest boy gave me one :-)
Isn't cute? Did you notice it in my right arm?
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini Boden Sunglasses - IRL

I could not resist these cute sunglasses...
My boys approved and love then!
They picked their own style...

Retro Shades - Grey oxide

Retro guy :-)

Sporty Sunglasses - Marine (Blue)

Sporty guy :-/

Cute cases, just lovely!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

J.Crewlet Zebra tee IRL

Happy Monday everyone!
I took a very special random outfit for last Sunday.

Concert in the ParkFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Concert in the Park by VILLASBA featuring J Crew 
I wore my lovely Zebra tee for the first time.
I feel in love for it when it was already sold out everywhere :-(

This one is from the J.Crew Outlet in Florida that my dear friend  (living in Weston by that time) score the last one for me.

Palma metallic  ankle-wrap flats & JCrew Knotted Short

She moved back to NY last June.

Just in time for my big birthday :-).

I was so excited expecting this baby, and I didn’t know it was going to be my birthday present :-)!

Thank you my sweetheart friend Elaine

You made me so happy!

This tee is VERY WELL made. 
I hope you can see it through the pictures. It is a size Small, but it runs a little be big for you gals that is in shape and happy with your scale though.
I’m still 15 pounds overweight so…:-/

Anyway, the sequin in this tee is tiny and delicate.
The Zebra is an appliqué over the fabric making this tee a little be heavy in this area. 
But in general it looks good...
I think :-)

I’m also sure many of you know how beautiful this sequin/beaded zebra tee is, so many lovers like me own the original tee from the retail store or one from the Crewlet, and that looks the same imo. So pretty!

Hockney Tote in Orchid Shadow
I really love this Beaded Zebra graphic tee.
So, so, so happy!
Have anyone any of theses sequin graphic tees that you are so in love with?
 I’ll love to know everything about it!

Have a nice Monday evening!
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