Monday, December 31, 2012

ootd irl

Delicious dinner at my dear friend's house,
time to wear some of my Christmas gifts :o)
 Love this dress - Xmas gift, 
the boots
my Plaza coat from last year,
 and my Brompton hobo in green color - Xmas gift(not pictured).
 Shirt, dress, tights, Plaza coat and handbag - Jcrew; necklace - F21
Enjoy your New years Eve,
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

skimmer pants

After Christmas...
 I went shopping with mom,
and also managed to make some returns.
Taking advantage of the Season,
 I wore my plaid pants again :o).
 Jacket, sweater and shoes - Jcrew; pants - Jcrew Factory; jewelry: necklace - F21 and bracelet - coldwatercreek; handbag - Madewell

  love this sweater,
 and this pants!
I'm wearing my regular JC pants size 4.
Got it on Christmas eve,
 it comes in silver also.
Very cute!
At Loft,
 I took to the fitting room :
size XSP, 
-only one left in store-
I'd need a SP for a better fit,
$50 before discount.
(hurry, stores has 50%off everything right now :o)
have a lovely day!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

Sorry I don't have good pictures,
and this is all I got on Christmas Eve :P
 I forgot this top in my closet with tags forever...
 finally found a day to wear it!
It is so pretty.
 I combined my outfit the a pretty jewelry from Brazil,
 the bracelet I got from my mom as Christmas gift,
it has the 3 colors silver, gold and Cooper with Friendship sentence engraved.
And the earrings in the same trio colors,
that I got from my aunt,
So pretty both,
LOVETH them!!!
And this is how I spend my Christmas day with my boys and mom...relaxing :o).
How was your Christmas day?!
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 table was ready with sweets for a fast (none) breakfast,

 letters to Santa :o)
 It was big thought...:P

 He ate our cookies!
-I need go back to the gym asap!-
 He was nice to us!
Ohhh I know that box...I think I got something!
Someone have seen this Collection Cashmere Colorblock sweater irl?! I shouldn't expect this on my box ( I didn't ask for Santa once he already had enough $ in his bag!), 
but expecting it for 2013, I'm so crazy about it!
Merry Christmas to all my virtual friends,
so much love,
from our home to yours,
have a lovey Christmas day!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life lately...

On the first week of December,
we got our Christmas tree,
Kids enjoy this time as much as I do,
time to decorate...
as for the presents!
I didn't find the ornaments I want this year,
so I add the old ones, plus the colorful lights as the kids request :o)
cooking a lot
enjoying the city,
time is just gorgeous!

Rockefeller Center
Ikea shopping,
new shoes:

loveth it!
 movie with DH, 
he was so jealous...
because I got the power!

Some fitting room pictures:

 All JCrew.
And on my wish list for Santa:
MAcAlister wedge boots,
nut color sold out...
navy on sale for $129.99
TTS, so comfortable! 
I think I would get a lot of wear with this color, 
what do you think? 
Janey Patent Flats,

on sale for $109.99
retro jade is such a pretty color!

 in forest green (also love it in blue sea,
I love this bag in gold - here, here, and here
 I got last Summer,
and I think this green would be perfect for the cold weather to come...
$189.99 - $179.99 in -stores

Tried it here, and just love it!
much prettier irl.

also a white watch would be a nice option under my Christmas tree
 or a gorgeous oversize RayBan Sunglasses,
 that I'm craving for a while...
but it can be on my wish list for 2013,
what I wish for 2013?!
There it goes...
Jcrew wintress jacket - Jcrew
Aggie boots - Jcrew
Uggs boots

Zipcode boots - Madewell
perhaps a new bag?!
in blue sea!
So many goodies to choose,
a lot of options to make a girls happy!

if any of these come to me any time or not,
all I can say is that I'm a very fortunate woman.
It was not an easy year, but I can't complain because I got most of the things I want,
 my family,
health and happiness!
And so much love!
What is in you list?!

Let's have some fun,
 and be playful in 2013!

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