Friday, July 30, 2010

Outfit in real life - July 22, 2010 in Central Park

I'm always behind the camera, and I forget about Polyvore most the time:-(
So these pictures I took before I steped out of the door:-)
I wore my Ruffled Carly Dress to go to a Kid's birthday party at Central Park last Saturday. 
My choice for the flat sandals was made base on the weather and because unfortunately the cute oxford I bought from UO didn’t work for me L ( size 8 is too big and 7.5 too small) L.
You can find the all outfit here.

I had to size it down to 6. It fits me in the same comfy way in the bust area as size 8, but it is shorter.
I'm so happy that I decided to exchange the Light Amethyst color (from last Season, that I was so crazy about it) for the new Navy color.

You know, when any clothes has "navy blue"  in the palette of color choices, it makes my life harder though.
I love almost everything in NAVY BLUE in the same proportion when we are talking about white!

I ust want to send a special "Thanks" to Kathy - Two Hands Full of Daisies that helped me on my dilemma with the colors J.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Do you think they have fun here or what?
Central Park

Beautiful view!
 "New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of 
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York New York...."

My delicious little boy took a picture of DH so it coordinates with me!

Have any of you own the Carly ruffle dress?
Any color obsessions?
Have you all a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jcrew - EXTRA 40% OFF FINAL SALE - In store.

My DH took the day off yesterday and we decided to go to the beach. YAY!
We had a great time and the weather was perfect, sunny but not “burning” because of the wind.
After all good stuff, we stopped at one of my favorite Mall that is locate right "in my way” to the Point Lookout- Long Island beach.
How convenient is that?


It's very common for us to stop there in our way back home to eat, and as usual, I need to get into my fave store J.Crew, to check the new arrivals and the old goodies!

We can now shop Crewcuts too! - God helps me!!!
The sale section was little, most tees and a couple shorts, but the extra final sale discount was a sweet surprise: 

**40% off**

WOW! I’ve not memory of Jcrew giving such a good discount on final sale.
I have being told last time in store that it was the last day of the 30% off (something around 10 days ago), and the Cashier told me they started 40% off discount last week.
Hey, I don’t mind. I just wish they had some of the items I’m still looking for…:-(.
To be honest, I was planning just to “look” around, but I couldn’t resist such good prices and I did try on some sale items.
I was not able to take any pictures because I had my 3 boys with me and I cannot push too much…:-).
And this is what I found:
"Chic, slouchy linen with a subtle herringbone weave in our favorite-fit trouser silhouette (the name says it all). With its cuffed leg, it's definitely dress-up appropriate but equally at home with a pair of sneakers." 
 Zip fly. Off-seam pockets, coin pocket, back flap pockets with button closure. Cuffed. Import. Dry clean. Catalog/ only.
Favorite fit—our most universal fit with a medium rise.
Sits below waist.
Fitted through hip and thigh, with an easy trouser leg.
36" inseam."

This pants is the best fitting and the most comfortable of all linens pants I own from Jcrew.
So, this beautiful Gazebo pants in color Graphite/ dark grey, which was on sale for $39.99 + 40% off ended up coming home with me.
I'm so happy and excited to wear it as soon as I can have the length fixed, of course:-).
Have any of you visited any of your local J.Crew store this week yet? Did any of you own the same Gazebo pants and have some outfit ideas to share? I’ll love to know!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canterbury bells cardigan + Gilded jacquard pencil skirt

Canterbury bells cardigan

"A sweet-yet-sultry V-neck sweater made of a slinkier silk/linen blend in a watercolor-inspired floral print, it's perfect layered with anything from shorts and skirts to sundresses and more (remember: Don't be afraid to mix patterns)."A sweet-yet-sultry V-neck sweater made of a slinkier silk/linen blend in a watercolor-inspired floral print, it's perfect layered with anything from shorts and skirts to sundresses and more (remember: Don't be afraid to mix patterns)."

I didn't give much for this cardigan when I first saw it on the web. When a month ago I went to JCrew store in the city I saw someone wearing it. That was it, I was  head of heels.Of course it was sold out by the time, so I started to look for it on the web every morning (even the CS says they update the website inventory every hour, I notice that the best time to find pop-backs is very early morning), but I didn’t have found any small for me ☹.
About 2 weeks ago I when to my local Jcrew store (this store is pretty big and always have a huge sale section with a lot of potential goodies) and so I found the last one hanging forgotten, not in abyss blue color (navy), but I was able to request it by the red phone with the 30% off final sale in-store. They didn't find it on the first time and I did it again with the CS after midnight right next day and they found it in the following morning - as I said, sunset is the best time to find what you want! ☺

 Gilded jacquard pencil skirt

"Our leg-lengthening pencil skirt, now in a slightly shorter 21" length for summer. Made of luxe silk jacquard (that's where it gets its sheen) in a luminous citrus cast, it's the perfect reason to RSVP "yes" to this season's dressier occasions."

This skirt is beautiful!
Great "pop-back" item found for $19.99!
The skirt is more fitted on the waist area (maybe because I don't have waist at all) and
"slightly shorter" - sadly this detail is not for me as you can see on the picture - but how could it be different if I'm only 5'0" high - LOL.
In general, I really like the skirt and after I have the length fixed, it will look much better on some outfits that you can find here, here, here, or here.
Have you found any “pop-back” items on the web today?

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outfit in real life...

Good Tuesday everyone!!
Ok, I think I'm getting there.
Pictures are not clear...:-(
I have not figure how to make it fast yet.
But that's what I got from my outfit of the day we went to Lego Store...:-)

OOTD can be found here at Polyvore.

As you can see, I was not alone :-)
"Can I be on your fashion picture mommy?" LOL
I love it!

Love this bag!

Enjoy your sunny day!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

In construction...

At the moment my blog is a little messy.
First of all, I wish I could write in English the same way I write in Portuguese, my first language. It would be much easier for me. ☺
Some of you know how hard is to write and express the exact meaning of the words in your own birth language, now imagine yourself doing this in your second language, perhaps Spanish? Or French? No, Italian! Well, my second language is English. Wrong words in a wrong spot in my sentences making no sense sometimes. ☹
I'm trying to understand a little more about blogging and how to design my page the way I want, how to add links and make it FUN!
I've been spending much more time at Polyvore then I was expecting, leaving me less time for others things that I need to set up and learn like blogging.
Put this all together and it gets a little messy.
I just want to let everyone know that I'll fix this.
With a little time, a little love, your understanding and everyone’s help, I have things running smoothly very soon ☺.
I have so much to say and so much that I wish to share.
For now I'd like to show you some things that make me smile…

Large popcorn and 2 soft drinks + movie = big smile

Little toys = huge smile !

LEGO Store...there we go today!!!

OrchidFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Orchid by VILLASBA featuring J Crew


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie with my boys!

Hello everyone!
Hope everybody is having a nice weekend so far and being ready for another hot day!
Today is going to be fun because I'm taking my boys to the movie to see " Toy Story 3" and I'm so excited!
After the movie we go to the toys store after that we go to dinner fun fun fun!
My pick for today on this heat:
Have you all a great Sunday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bags, bags and more bags, love it!

After splurge myself with two new bags,
I got my 3rd bag as a present from my DH J.
(Of course he paid for all of them)

But this one was special because he got it by himself with a little help of my sweet PS! Also it was my first color choice once I saw it.

That’s what I got in the mail today:

Beautiful light purple color,

darker in person than on the website.

Love the leather (hope the strong smell goes away soon) and the color!

Hockney Tote

Orchid Shadow

Hope you all had found your fave bag on this %off sale!

Enjoy the rest of your day:-)

Monday, July 5, 2010 not free.

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a happy, sunny and wonderful beginning of week!

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