Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last weekend & Madewell

I had some returns to make, and decide to go to 5th Ave so I could check one my favorite stores - Madewell.
All Jcrew minus look alike -perfection - necklace .
Love this necklace - found on Instagram seller - high quality!
At Madewell:
Outbound Jacket #42249 - $148
Size small - olive tree color.
I love this wash, and I thought it was the only one, but I was wrong.
All-weather outbound jacket #02843 - $158 - foliage green color - run small so, I took a size medium - perfect fit!
LOVE this color and because I have another jacket on the lighther version, this one came home with me (It was and even exchange once I  bought it on sale online with a previous 40% off :-).
It's more polish in this color IMO.
I also had a chance to try the Mosern slope sweater $79.99 ($59.99 in stores, if I'm not wrong), size small.
Size small, TTS. I love all about this sweater , but this one is not for me :-(
I felt more 
Bigger than I need to be on my shoulders like a Football player :-(.
Well done sweater and will look gorgeous in many of you :-)
Instead I grabbed the Erude dress:

I always wish to have a cream/white dress to wear with black tights and booties ;-)
Also comes in this pretty plaid print - sold out everywhere :-(
Have you all a lovely evening ;-)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last Sunday

I seriously wore this sweater over last weekend :-) + animal print shoes!
Here is my outfit from last Sunday to go to Church:
Here some new goodies: shoes, sweater and necklace.
First time wearing my Martina in calf hair - gorgeous and comfortable ( I went 1/2 size up on this one, but I have another 2 Martina's in my regular shoe size ).
Beautiful look alike Jcrew jeweled pennant necklace for a fraction of its price - great quality - so happy!
All Jcrew.
Here is how I ended my Sunday:
With Darby in calf hair loafers - Heaven!
Have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring sneak peak

Hello to all,

I got pictures of the Spring New Collection,

So many goodies to choose!

Cutout Floral Sweatshirt (# A2668)

Stretch Perfect Shirt (# 29866)

Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe, (# 03394)

Collection Nightgarden Floral Jacket (# A1439)

Classic Popover Shirt (#  A4095)

7” Chino Shorts (# 35756)

Sophie Small Crossbody Bag (# A2872)


Crepe Shift Dress (# 09584)

Teddie Satchel (# 09310)

New Balance for J.Crew 620 Sneakers (# 06690)


Flower Sleeve Sweater (# A1500)

Downing Tote (# A4399)

Woven Ikat Belt (# 09011)

5” Chino Short (# 68925)


Double-Stripe Crepe Top (# A0752)

Toothpick Jean in Tux Stripe (# A0790)

Floating Petals Necklace (# A5829)

Pearl Drop Necklace (# A5693)

Sloane Woven Leather Pump (# A1107)

I also LOVE the surf jacket and skirt from the picture bellow that Gigi posted about it :-)

The jacket reminds me the Varsity sweater jacket, and the skirt the Porcelain paisley Pencil skirt – don't they?! :)

I'm craving flowers lately, and some of my favorites are the Flower sweatshirt and the Flower sleeve sweater. 

I also like the shift dress with the new balance sneakers, hopefully I can grab one this time ;-).

What's your favorites of this sneak peak? 

Are you planing to pre order some of them.

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last Friday...

A quick trip to Ikea is always good, even better with a "boyfriend" sweater + new shoes!
All Jcrew.
New - LOVE - shoes! Darby calf hair loafer: Jcrew.
Hughes satchel in burgundy: Jcrew.
Pear bracelet : Jcrew ; so pretty and goes with almost everything.
All Jcrew minus jacket: loft outlet | floral ponytail scarf: Coach.
Have a nice day!

Monday, January 13, 2014


OAnother OOTD from last Saturday, raining day and Jcrew 50%off haul ;-)
All Jcrew minus Oxford shoes: Steve Madden.
At the store I got the tees on the right picture above + the hola tee shirt to my mom and the floating pearl necklace - I love mine -  for a  steal!
And I got a few more things online with this great 50%off final sale -
Why I cannot resist a good deal like that?!
Have you got some goodies in this last in stores promo? Are you planing to get something with this new Fansale discount?!
Have a great day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hughes satchel in burgundy

I got the Hughes satchel in burgundy color for Christmas, the color is stunning!
Well, I hadn't  seen this bag in catalogs and online, and I was under the impression it was a little bigger- even knowning it has a similar measurements of the Brompton mini hobo.
I've been looking for a nice burgundy color handbag for a while, and this color is exactly what I was looking for, true to the website picture.
I have to confess that I got a bit disappointed at first look out of the box, it was really smaller than I expected!
But It has adjustable shoulder strap, which is a plus and " most of the time" necessary for me. Now,  It doesn't look to small in the picture :-).
Here as a shoulder bag, and just holding from the handles.
It doesn't look too small,  actually it's growing on me ;-).
Here wearing as  a crossbody bag ( it might be a little high for the tallers, the strap is for the shoulder, so it's not long) hanging whith straps from each side of the bag.
The leather is kind of hard/firm, I believe it's to keep the shape of an Origami- japonese folding paper art - making the bag looks big on the sides.
Here with the straps hanging from only one side of the bag, still holding the shape as it was full of papers.
Both ways look good, it depends of the taste of each if you...I think I'm in love with this bag again ;-).
Bellow is the Hughes Satchel and the Brompton mini hobo for comparison:
They have almost the same size, Brompton mini is higher and the soft leather makes it looks bigger than the Hughes satchel when wearing it.
Well,  I was about to return it, I just hold it to take pictures for this post, but I'm not sure anymore :-(
**keeper of not?!**
I'm glad I have some time to think, and it's not final sale :-) 
what do you think about the Hughes satchel? Have you seen it in stores or own one?!

Friday, January 3, 2014


Inspired by Ina in wonderland blog :-)
All Jcrew minus boots: Hunter.
Loving my wool Houndstooth scarf and my first time gel nail polish - lasting strong since Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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