Wednesday, February 22, 2012

moments of impressionist

Post-Impressionist Skirt, Anthropologie
I had to put this skirt all way up my waist,
it is very looong!
I might need to take to the tailor.
wearng with my beloved Steve Madden Intyce,
but I really want to wear this skirt with sandals and flip flopes on Summer!

This skirt is gorgeous!
It was the first time I wore it,
 and me and my family ended the day at lower Manhattan.

 It hurts when we remember,
but it is impossible to forget.
We were there.

Have a good day,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

movie & date

Last Sunday I can say I had two ... 
maybe three dates?!

I couln'd wait to watch this movie:
"Safe House"
Have you ever watched?
The movie is great, you do not sit still one minute!
I love Densel Washington, one of the best actors imo, 
and I can say that Ryan Raynolds is not just another pretty face ... he is good and how can I say...
he is good lookingWOW, is worth seeing!
But my DH was looking good too!
We had a great date :-)
And this is what I picked for Sunday evening:
You might have seen me in this dress here,
Very versatile and comfy.
I wished so much that necklace
but I forget to wear it :-{

 oversized local store scarf,
similar here, and here.

And here's my favorite boots 
of all timeMy Valentine's gift! 
My first choice was the brown (on my wishlist and necessary color in my closet), but it got sold out with no way of restocking.
And as the cognac is the favorite color of DH, and I believe the whole world (including me)...
...I surrendered then to the Intyce boots by Steve Madden in Cognac!
could not be happier with my gift!
It's beautiful, 
stylish and comfortable!
Definitely, I will be looking to buy more in teh future in other colors! :-)
 And finally my inseparable Snowbound puffer coat by J.Crew!

Long Jumper With Elbow Patches-dress, Zara

Belt, J.Crew
Yights, Gap

Jewelry, J.Crew

Scarf, Local 

Coat Snowbound puffer, J.Crew

Intyce Boots, Steve Madden 

Enjoy your day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

strolling with my mother

There I go again ...
 just checking what is new for Spring:-)
 Like both, $35

 I loved it!
In green as well, 
 a good substitute for the Jackie pullover imo.
size 4
 I likey it :-)
I think the next dress is in-store only,
I can't find it online, 
the fit is good, thin fabric.
size Small
 Now, I love this
Sze Xsmall/Small
 Oversized fit, 
and it has pockets!
with the same scarf that was in the manequin,
and shorts
 I'd buy the all outfit!
Also comes in stripe...hummmm....
Size 4 - sorry, but I was too lazy to take the tights off :-(
Love the fit, and the green color as well,
but the yellow is my 1st choice.

pit stop at J.Crew
on sale in store an online $70
(30%off online with promo SHOPNOW)
Size Small, fits TTS
Speaking bout animals...
Have you seen this little fella in-store?
 Another cute little turtle necklace
(forgot to take a pic of the style#), 
$55 (not so sure)
Close up:
another picture
this time with my little turtle necklace to a comparison
 Which one do you like more?
I'm very happy with mine :-)
And look what I found,
 in a shy session of sale:
in red, beautiful color!
And this picture is for you
now I know why you so in love with it!
I found only one in size small,
 it's finally on sale in-store, but no promo going on :-(
but hey, we never know...
and it is was on hold for you!
Next is the colorblocked tee:
size XSmall
on my wishlist,
unfortunatly already s/o in my size,
online nd in-store:-(
And for last,
my OOTD:

 Simple, but the scarf add nice touch of color
and I forgot it in the car.
Have you all a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delicious - Pamonha cake

My friend sent me this recipe last Friday,
I had to try it out because one of my favorite dishes of Brazil is the Pamonha!

Pamonha (Portuguese pronunciation: [paˈmõȷ̃ɐ]) is a traditional Brazilian food. It is a paste made from fresh corn and milk, boiled wrapped in corn husks. Variations may include coconut milk. Pamonhas can be savoury or sweet, the latter being the norm in north-east Brazil. They can be filled with cheese, sausage, peppers or be natural. Roadside restaurants specializing in pamonha and other corn dishes are common in Northeast Region Brazil.

If you love corn and cheese,
this recipe is for you!

Check the original recipe here
it is in Portuguese but is easily translated by "google translate".

-Corn bread-

I used the Mexican type cheese sour cream
 which is very tasty and replaces Brazilian cheese that is used in the original recipe.
But one of these bwllow will taste DELICIOUS!

 Also in place of "Milharina" I used the corn bread mix (any one of your choice), brown sugar and whole wheat flour.

There is my Pamonha/corn bread:

Try it, 
you will not regret it!
Have a great day!

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