Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BOO BOO day!

Today I had the idea in my mind for a different post, 
fun and colorful ...
But there are days that we should not get out of bed.
Today is a day to myself.
 Last night was cold, it seemed like it was beginning of winter, and we slept huddled by the many blankets that we were wrapped!
 Everyone at home has lost time to wake up. 
So the day started for us...running around! 
All grey and dark outside, wet ground but no rain.
 I felt lost trying to organize everything and it was just the beginning ...
I should have gone back to bed. 
Somehow I did so because I had no guts and courage to accomplish anything that I had scheduled and my day is lost in thought as I do.
 Sometimes things happen that we drop in a way that has no explanation. 

But tomorrow is another day ... 
Surely a better day because tomorrow is the day to go to farm with my youngest son and his class! 
We'll have lots of fun feeding the animals!! 
This brings us peace in the heart. At least for me:-)

I wish you all a fair Tuesday more colorful than mine!

Anyway, have you seen the new fall colors of the Essie? 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a colorful post to you guys!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you have a bike?

A friend of my DH found this on the web and I couldn't let it pass without sharing with you all.
Just love it!

 No-One Will Dare Steal Your Personalized Bike
 Unless Their Name's Andrea Too

Happy Monday!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Billy Vera - At This Moment (HQ) - LOVE


There is something "At This Moment" I want to share with you all...
I got this beautiful music video from my DH that is about a true love, and this song came right after a emotionally love letter he wrote to me.
Completely unexpected...

“...The countless times I’ve fell in love with you.
The unconditional love that can only be measured by the times I’ve asked you to marry me… over and over again...”
“...Me always trying to reach deeper and deeper in your soul as you stare back at me.
To be apart of the air your breath… long for it… Over and over again.
It’s given me the strength to build the love that I swore to you for as long as I live.
For better or worse. Till death do us part…I do. Again and again.”

November, 2009
 Oh my... I'm in love again...
 And LOVE is what I want to share with all of you today:-)
Have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

More goodies in the bag...

"Goodies in the bag" 
  More info here.
Thanks for looking:-)

Mini Boden 4 Boys! 4 Sale!!!

More info here.
I'll be adding those items on my eBay on the beginning of next week.
Thanks for looking:-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet finds on Columbus day!

Just a little post about some finds over the weekend...
I shop 95% on-line, but sometimes a little visit to a B&M Jcrew is sooo worth it!!!
Bronzed twig
$19.99 - steal for $7.49!
$24.99 - mine for 18.74!
$9.99 - mine for $7.49
Nutmeg - a new color in my wardrobe! 
$49.99 - mine for $26.24!
$39.99 -  mine for $ 29.99!
This blouse was love at first look!
I'm so happy I took it home with me:-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick post - Clog in my way...

My mom knows very well what I like most:-)
I believe all moms knows everything we love right?!
She is coming to visit us and she loves to spoiled me still...
 She got me a nice pair of Clogs from one of my favorite shoe brand in Brazil, Arezzo.
It is a "must" for this season here and there!
Not too high though...
Ok, a little bit high, but I think I can handled it!
It's kind of caramel/peach color.
 A couple years ago she got me this one by SHUTZ.
Another great shoe brand that I love!
It's more funk hippie style, but so comfy!
 So old and still in the fashion that matters...so many scratches :-(
I was really on the NEED for a new pair!
Does anyone have a pair a clogs for this Season or still rocking yours old one?!
I thinking I can still having fun with  mine old wedge clog not often. Just with some of my basics outfits.
I can't wait to rock with my new clogs!!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outfit IRL - Loft & Jcrew finds

Some Sunday in the past...

Thanks to Andrea, after seen it here I knew I had to have it!:-)
Doggie tee, Jcrew
Skinny belt, HM
Ballet flats, Arezzo
I love this jacket so much.
It was a unexpected surprise when I was in my way to B&M Jcrew in the city, and I decided to stop at Loft and this color catch my eyes.
It is a nice, short and well made jacket. It look likes to be water resistance :-)

The color is rich.
I also got this Jewel stud double-wrap bracelet (dear friend's indication) a couple weeks ago and I can't get enough of it!
Very playful and cute, it goes with everything I have and has "gold" on it!
I love it!
Have you find something gold lately?
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin weekend

Sorry everyone for being MIA, but since my boys started school I've been extremely busy with the day to day and lately I haven't had time to blog with you all.
As I said a couple of times before, I take too long to post but I promise to be more prompt with my post.
Anyway, I'm half way back to share what we have being doing this passed weekend.
Little pumpkins, big pumpkins and all in between...
He wants it all :-)
He got his big pumpkin
Everybody is happy!

Has anyone found something fun over the weekend? 
The weather here was gorgeous! 
We had so much fun at the Maize Maze by Moonlight Saturday evening and we got our pumpkins on Sunday! 
Did you get your pumpkins already?
Happy Orange Monday! ;-)
Happy Columbus Day!
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