Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thank God that protects us,
 and kept us safe during this storm and night.
Help us now to have the strength to put the house in order!
East Village Manhattan
God bless the families who had their homes invaded by water. 
God bless all who have suffered the fury of Sandy hurricane.
"At least 80 homes were destroyed in the New York City borough of Queens early Tuesday as crews continued to battle a six-alarm fire into the daylight.FDNY officials said the fire at Breezy Point was reported at about 11 p.m. ET on Monday in a Zone A area, which the New York City Office of Emergency Management declared to be the highest risk of flooding from Superstorm Sandy’s storm surge.FDNY spokesperson Michael Parrella told NBC News that nearly 200 firefighters were on the scene by 5 a.m. Tuesday, battling high winds that made the flames difficult to knock down. by NBCNews.com"

I have no words to express how deeply sad I am, 
wanting to cry to see so much flooding around us! 
So many people who lost everything, 
thank God no life,
 but a lot of hard work ahead!
Let's keep praying for better days, 
hoping all my friends on blog/virtual world are in a safe place,with enough food and dry.
God keep blessing all of us!


While checking the sets on PV,
I came across this cute boots:
I got an special promo of 50% off my first pair of shoes,
and I could not pass this great deal!
 Very comfortable, 
well made suede boots.
I got it in my regular size 8,
and it fits TTS.
 Never heart about before this day,
and I'm very pleased with my first purchase!

Also comes in dark brown, but is all sold out in both colors :-(
 I really like many of their shoes,
and I'll definitely will buy more!

Do you know this brand? 
Own any shoes from Shoemint?
Don't? You have to check out SHOEMINT.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

candied cherry

Relaxing with my boys,
another polka dot day from last week!

Patchwork skirt girl tee-Loft; pants-Zara; jewelry-Jcrew;
And a new vest:
Excursion quilted vest in candied cherry,
 from last year via another JCA.
love this bracelet, and flats.
My little doggie takes his time,
and guide me,
while I take pictures,
 to show you how pretty this red is on sunlight :o)
 another polka dot tee to my closet:
$29.99 (online)
Last week was beautiful around the city with leaves and faling,
and nice weather.

Hopefully we will pass "Sandy" without much demage.
Wishing you all a safe weekend!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

last Thursday

Quick stop at B&M,
graphite red,
love all colors (navy and green would be my pick too),
and the idea of this sweater,
only tried this one that calls my eyes at first glance.
 Convertible Clutch in Neon Coral, 
$129 in-store ($99 online).
I didn't recall this color/bag was this one first time I saw in store, and I got a bit disappointed with the color IRL.
 But I kind of enjoyed it at this time.
Gigi did a great review of it here.
Gold is all year around, 
and this one is more "Summer" second a nice male SA that was helping me.
(BTW, he prefers the gold :o)

 Schoolboy Blazer in Navy, size 6, $198
Love this one,
but petite size is better for me :o)
Convertible Clutch in pale gold, 
$129.99 in store
 love it!
I always fall for gold :o)
It's bigger than I thought.
Nice leather.
$129 in store in festival blue.
 Nice color, but is not for me.
Pants-Toothpick jean garment in dyed-twill in byzantine blue, size 28, $39.99.
 Silk Square scarf, $34.99 in store (s/o online)
very cute, 
but after I found out that the most colors of the toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill are $39.99 in-store,  
I decided that I need another pants in my closet, 
 not another scarf :P
but if was this print:

it would be another story...

Size Small in Currant combo color
 I'm sure the model has a clip on her back to make it fitted!
Nice feeling, but loose/huge fit for those with waist :o)
and last but not least,
Top, jewelry, shoes, and cardigan-Jcrew; pants-Madewell; bag-Anthropologie

Fro other visits:
My VPS ordered it for me last 30% off online in size 2, and I love it! 
Just perfect for such a steal!
Tippi sweater in classic pink on sale in-store.
I thought it was too see through.
Also, I got really impress with the snake skirt.
I'm not a crazy person for snake print, but I love everything tortoise and leopard print.
But only found size 6 and 2, so 
size 2, the fit on waist is very comfortable ( I imagine on the 4, and the size 6 was way to big).
Tight in my hips, I really need a size 4.
Very nice fabric, really like this one!
and here what I wore on that day:
Top and skirt-J.Crew; shoes-Sperry Top-Sider; jewelry-J.Crew inspired via eBay here.

Have you get some goodies in-store lately? 
Are you planing to bite the OURTREAT promo online? 
Hurry, it ends Sunday!
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