Thursday, March 21, 2013

eyelet & spearmint

Something from last 30%off sale,
 and 20%off in store promo knit and tees (?):
2 new  goodies
picture with flash
Classic Leather ballet flats - $98
Color spearmint
no flash
I'm obsessed with this color,
and it didn't disappointed irl.
I ordered 1/2 size small to figure if it was the best for the arch support (last year I returned one in my regular size because it was coming off all the time I try to walk with it).
It feels good though,
but a bit fitted on my toes to my is not as comfortable as Cece ballet flats,
and I was told by my VPS that it doesn't have arch support,
and I agree, 
but ordered it because of the color - love - :o)
Lovely still!

marled cloud color
beautiful airy eyelet,
the inside - backed in chiffon
(hope you can have some idea),
well made.
so pretty and soft!
I reviewed it before here not in XS size,
check it out on shopwithm too!
 I love it with white!
skinny ankle jeans - Madewell

 Skirt - Gap
Brushstroke Mini - J.Crew
As you can see,
this sweatshirt is so much fun!

Next is about crochet lace,
I'm in a hunt for a nice, pretty and cute lace shorts,
hard to find but I came across this one at Express:
Crocheted Lace Shorts, $69.90 - size 6
warm stone color.
-it was on sale, and I paid $29 after coupons- 
Very well made,
delicate and romantic,
I love the color and the crochet/lace,
...but soooo short (not even 3").
I sized up to maybe get some length...
but I think it still looking toooo short :(
Have you seen some shorts like that besides J.Crew?!
share :o)
Have a lovely day!


  1. I love those shoes on you, Andrea. The color is perfection! I agree the ballet flats aren't as comfortable as the Ceces, but with a color like this...sometimes ya gotta...

    1. Thank you Gigi! I love this color and JC didn't disappoint, it's exact what I was looking for! :-) I might exchange to my regular size :P

  2. Andrea,love the seatshirt with white!
    I am still deciding:)

    1. Thank you Ina! You should give it a try, it's so comfy ;-)

  3. Your legs look great in the shorts but if you're not comfortable...
    Thanks for the reviews of the sweatshirt. JC sure loves their chiffon tops. The Muse tank, the tee w/the chiffon sewn to the front from quite a while ago...I'm sure there are more.

    My classic ballet flats feel more like slippers than shoes! I guess that's the intention but mine slip a bit on the heel too, in my reg size. Skimmer & Cece are more comfortable, Cece being the best, imho. (Still no navy this a.m. ackh!)

    Have a great day!! The sun has made it through the clouds!

    P.S. I'm waiting until last day of promo to order the brompton straw mini-hobo. Want to try to visit my store before it's over & use the 30% (only 5% more but sales tax is 6% so I feel like it helps). If I want it, I may have to trade off some purchases since I seem to be having difficulty restraining myself...again. :)

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! I'd prefer a loose and longer shorts :P I didn't even try to my DH to give his opinion, I just asked showing the shorts to him and he said "yes, it is, you don't need to try 'cause I can see, return it!" haha! oh well, back on the search...:P

      I felt the same way when I first order the classic ballet flats in my regular size, like sllipers :) now that is 1/2 size smaller I'm thinking to I should get my reg size...Cece is the best I LOVE them! I have 2 pairs and I'm ready for another one if I catch a good sale :) Navy is so pretty, I have that grape ton that Gigi posted about it, remember?!

      Sunny and nice today, hopefully it starts to feel like Spring next week...let me know when you get your straw like bag! If you can find it online you have longer to think and wait for some markdowns...:o)

  4. Love the sweatshirt! I just picked up a cute lace covered sweatshirt from F21 or I'd be all over this one. and I'm with you on the mint it! I just got the mint linen schoolboy with the additional 30% ($98...not bad! :o))

    1. Me too! I saw the lace sweatshirt from F21 in stores, but didn't have a chance to's so cute! What about sizing, is small fits you well?! Ohhh the linen Schoolboy in mint is so pretty! I can't wit for you sets :o)

  5. Those shorts are so pretty but why do they have to be so short? Your legs look really pretty in them though. :)

    1. Thank you TR, you are so sweet, I love the lace and how is made, but I don't understand Why these shorts must to be that short! I saw one in navy and white at Gap that I want to check it out! There is one cute shorts at Loft that is only 2" :P, I guess is for a select people only :P


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