Sunday, March 3, 2013

Award time - Liebster

I got a Liebster Award!

Thanks to Ina by Ina in a Wonderland
such a beautiful and fun blog!

This Award is designed to be passed along by bloggers to bloggers to help share blogs you love and discover new ones. 
It is specifically for blogs with no more than 200 GFC subscribers which I think is a terrific idea!

I feel so honor and excited to be part of it,
and that's how it works:

 If you are nominated, the idea is for you to write a post including 11 facts about yourself, the answers to the questions the blogger who nominated you asked, the 11 blogs you would like to nominate, and the 11 questions you would like those bloggers to answer.

You can see Ina's post here to read her Q and A's and view the other 4 blogs she nominated :)

11 facts about me:

1- I have a degree in Architecture, and I worked as an architect building houses, before moving to USA. Currently my full time job is taking care of my 3 boys, and I can say that it is not easy work.

2 - Besides loving anything that has to do with Architecture, design, decoration, texture, fashion, and more - maybe that's why I love shopping?!- my hobby is painting on canvas with oil paint, acrylic and drawing in black and white with pastel.

3- I'm from Brazil, love my Country, but right now my heart belongs to New York.

4 - I'm Gemini, which means "fun+fun", everything in double!

5- I cannot just start one thing and finish. I'm always doing many things at once.

6- TRX is a new way I found to help me to control my sugar level down - I am goer (almost assiduous)- and to try getting back to my "before babies" regular weight, which seems a dream that will "not" come true 'caue I'm always 10 pounds over!

7 - I hate when people try to control me, and tell me what to do. I am able to do the opposite (even not being what I want) just to make sure is that I'm in control.

8 - I'm the Queen of my house :-)

9 - I have more heels than I wear, and I feel like a centipede, shoes are never enough, there is always space for one more.

10 - I have the bad habit of going to bed late everyday, really late.

11 - I love chocolate.

If you were only allowed one make-up product, what would it be?
Lip gloss.

If you had to live somewhere else, where would it be?

What do you wish you could tell your teenage self?
You rock!

What's a health/fitness tip that just doesn't seem to work for you?

What was your most listened to song of 2012?
All Adele.

What is your favourite smell or fragrance?

Share your best home organisation tip!
Don't leave for later what you can do now.

What is your favourite post work-out snack?

What made you smile yesterday?
when I heard "you look beautiful".

What is your go-to outfit for everyday
Dress, flats (if metallic even better!), an Oversize Sunglasses, and a nice bag.

What do you really like to bake or cook? Or what would you like to learn how to bake or cook?
I love to bake bread, cookies  and cakes, 
as any of my boy's favorite food.
Would love to learn how to make "creme Brulee", French Napoleon and a delicious "Cheesecake" I ever ate-made by a dear friend!

Now, here are the blogs I nominate:

Please answer the same questions as I did!

Thank you again Ina, I really enjoyed reading your answers,
 and checking out the blogs you nominated. 

If you found my blog through her post,
hello, hello!
 I hope see you back here soon!


  1. Thanks Andrea for the link love!
    So many interesting facts about you.I love architecture too.who is youre favorite architect?
    I saw soraya yesterday for brunch and its great to have two brazilian friends!

    1. Hey Ina, this is so much fun! A lot to say about me still...But one of my favorites architects is Oscar Niemeyer. I also love Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier :-) Im glad to have you as a friend, and a branch with Soraya sounds great! We had friends over (brazilians, American and Spanish) for lunch, and I made the traditional dish from Brazil called "feijoada", it was a great weekend!

  2. These posts are so fun! I loved learning more about you, Andréa. You have a gorgeous figure, so those extra 10 lbs are a good thing!
    Have a great day!!

    1. I really enjoyed this award, it's so many things to say about ourselves and point only 11 facts is a challenge ( I talk a lot, that's why :P), isn't it?! Thank you for the lovely complement Sharon, you just made my day! You rock my friend :-)

  3. You're a Gemini too ? Big fun !!!!!!!!

    1. Isn't it the best sign if the zodiac - Gemini - Angie?!?! I love it, and it couldn't be more me and lots of fun! :o)

  4. Thanks so much for the award Andrea! Your blog is lovely!! And thanks for sharing a little about yourself, it`s always interesting to read what other bloggers like to do when they're not blogging! :)

    1. You are welcome! I love your blog, and can't wait to know 11 facts about you :-) hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely day!

  5. Replies
    1. Isn't it Lisa?! And I know that I'm not alone :o)

  6. What a sweetie you are, Andrea! Thank you!! I've enjoyed your blog, it's so pretty and fun. I will have to do some thinking coming up with 11 facts and answering your questions. ;)

    1. Thank you TR!!! You are so sweet, I'm glad you enjoy it, I can't wait to know more about you - love your blog! Xo


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