Wednesday, March 13, 2013

falling for Gap...and more

while in the city with mom,
that's what I brought to the fitting room:
size 28,
I like this print a lot, 
more on everyone I saw pictures online than on me.
size 28,
TTS, very comfortable,
I prefer this one for me.
FP in stores.
size 8
Apricot mist on sale in stores
love it!
now something not yet online and almost sold out in stores:
I'm wearing size XS
pre-order this sweatshirt here.
size small was not available, 
only XS and XL.
 It is TTS,
 as you can see XS is tight on me,
 but it seems to be a short sweatshirt.

size 4
I felt in love for this top as soon it came out online and in the catalog,
but I didn't expect a thick fabric like that.
The print is cute, 
but I feel like wearing a floral pajamas :(
TTS and a pass for me.

at Gap store:
$69.95 - $54.99 online
size small in navy strip color.
I didn't expect to like this jacket...
 but I really love it!
 petite size would be a better fit, 
sold out online,
so I ordered  it in regular small with the extra 25% off + a $20 gift card...
a steal!
I will need to fix the sleeves though,
 but I think is a good option for the Maritime Blazer in stripe,

what do you think?

a gift from my mom:
size M
Only one left in store (and for $13 I can wear it with a belt all the time with no problem :),
but small would be a perfect fit, it is TTS.
 I like the loose look.
Love this dress!
 dress - Gap/ boots - Steve Madden/ accessories & mini bag - J.Crew/ jacket - Land's End

at Madewell store:
Some unexpected items on sale + extra %!
size M - $58 - $39.99 in  stores,
very cute, 
love the feel of the silk with the soft cotton on the back.

size M - $68 - $39.99 in stores

love this one first time I saw it online,
very cute top,
the mix of the fabrics is very nice making this top delicate,
easy to dress up or down, see through - I'm wearing a nude/beige tank top underneath.
I sized up on both tops, 
I always do when the fabric is silk.
 FP online,
 and no size small for me in store :(
MD had the 20%off running over final sale items,
ended in the same day as the "extra20" online.
Need to wait for the next % to find this tee...:P
Have you found any unexpected item on sale in stores lately?!
Have a lovely day!


  1. Thanks for the reviews!
    I think the sweatshirt you tried on is on my must have list:)
    Do you know when it comes out online?

    1. Thank you Ina! I love this sweatshirt, I have no idea when and if it will show up online, but I will ask my VPS and I will let you know :o) This size I'm on is the right one for you, I need a small...

  2. I'm digging the sweatshirt, too! I think the only item I saved from MW is this navy with red, white and citron colored kitty prints on it.ùn_miss_cat_miaow_shirt/thing?id=78884606 The top looks great on the model, not sure about the nevkline, or the fact it is all viscose (is that like poly? which is no good in warm weather).

    Thanks for the reviews, and I love dresses like your sweatshirt dress. :)

    1. Ohhh JV, this sweatshirt is so cute, soft cotton and basic in a fancy way :o) I need to locate a small to make sure is the right size. The top from MW is so pretty, I didn't notice before, I know what you mean about poly/summer...there is a few things I like from them, but I need to focus on what I really want/need...otherwise I get lost and buy a lot :P
      The Gap dress is very cute and confy :o)

  3. All very cute! I think we have similar taste. :)

    1. Thank you Rose, I've found so many cute items at Gap, but the exchange system between online and store is a pain, it doesn't work as many other services JC offer us. Gap looses a lot of my business, but I like their stuff :)


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