Friday, February 22, 2013

quick visit to B&M

Quick visit to the B&M today...
 Found this tee very comfy, loose fit and cute.
I can't find it online, but there is the style # bellow for the retail of $49.50,
I'm wearing size small and I'd say its TTS;
and this cute necklace (style #bellow right).
Love this tee,
but after seen these pics it kind looks sloppy on me...
 Perhaps made only for the skinniest ones?
I'd take it anyway on sale section :o)
- it is not a sturdy denim Sharon -
this one is thin colored jean,
it's same fabric as the Toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill,
 more strechy and comfy (if its possible...?!)imo ( I have it in red and mint)
from the web:"made of soft twill that's been carefully garment-dyed for a pitch-perfect hue"
Unfortunately I look huge on it, 
and this is all I don't need right now and ever :P
 Mini bag in rose dust,
 $99 in store 
- Ina reviewed  it  here -
 love it Ina!
 the color, size and all about it!
size 2 in navy 
TTS, well made, pretty eyelet :o)
 $10 cheaper in stores
 So cute!
 and that's all for now,
have you all a great day!

almost forgot B&M still running 30%off FS!


  1. Well, that stinks! I guess it's still white denim for me this spring. As consolation for the denim, I really like the top you tried on with them! I love the shape of it, and don't think you look at all sloppy in it.

    Good to see you today! ;) Thank you sooo much for trying the pants on!

    1. Ohhh yeap, for me it will be lots of white denim this Spring/Summer also, I can't complain once I got the JC bootcut and MD skinny :P I like the tee ery much, very nice cotton and irl :o) Thnx my dear friend for stopping by, I'll try to come over more often here :o)

  2. Thanks for the link-love Andrea!
    I am glad you found the bag!!!

    1. Lots of love to share right!?
      Love the bag on you....didn't get mine yet :P


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