Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet finds on Columbus day!

Just a little post about some finds over the weekend...
I shop 95% on-line, but sometimes a little visit to a B&M Jcrew is sooo worth it!!!
Bronzed twig
$19.99 - steal for $7.49!
$24.99 - mine for 18.74!
$9.99 - mine for $7.49
Nutmeg - a new color in my wardrobe! 
$49.99 - mine for $26.24!
$39.99 -  mine for $ 29.99!
This blouse was love at first look!
I'm so happy I took it home with me:-)


  1. Wow!! You got some really great deals on beautiful pieces. Congrats :)

  2. Yeap Andrea, I guess I did :-)
    But it wouldn't be possible without my friend's help and "hers" %off!:-)
    What we don't do for friends right?!


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