Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick post - Clog in my way...

My mom knows very well what I like most:-)
I believe all moms knows everything we love right?!
She is coming to visit us and she loves to spoiled me still...
 She got me a nice pair of Clogs from one of my favorite shoe brand in Brazil, Arezzo.
It is a "must" for this season here and there!
Not too high though...
Ok, a little bit high, but I think I can handled it!
It's kind of caramel/peach color.
 A couple years ago she got me this one by SHUTZ.
Another great shoe brand that I love!
It's more funk hippie style, but so comfy!
 So old and still in the fashion that many scratches :-(
I was really on the NEED for a new pair!
Does anyone have a pair a clogs for this Season or still rocking yours old one?!
I thinking I can still having fun with  mine old wedge clog not often. Just with some of my basics outfits.
I can't wait to rock with my new clogs!!!

Have a great Wednesday!


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