Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BOO BOO day!

Today I had the idea in my mind for a different post, 
fun and colorful ...
But there are days that we should not get out of bed.
Today is a day to myself.
 Last night was cold, it seemed like it was beginning of winter, and we slept huddled by the many blankets that we were wrapped!
 Everyone at home has lost time to wake up. 
So the day started for us...running around! 
All grey and dark outside, wet ground but no rain.
 I felt lost trying to organize everything and it was just the beginning ...
I should have gone back to bed. 
Somehow I did so because I had no guts and courage to accomplish anything that I had scheduled and my day is lost in thought as I do.
 Sometimes things happen that we drop in a way that has no explanation. 

But tomorrow is another day ... 
Surely a better day because tomorrow is the day to go to farm with my youngest son and his class! 
We'll have lots of fun feeding the animals!! 
This brings us peace in the heart. At least for me:-)

I wish you all a fair Tuesday more colorful than mine!

Anyway, have you seen the new fall colors of the Essie? 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a colorful post to you guys!

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