Monday, August 9, 2010

J.Crewlet Zebra tee IRL

Happy Monday everyone!
I took a very special random outfit for last Sunday.

Concert in the ParkFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Concert in the Park by VILLASBA featuring J Crew 
I wore my lovely Zebra tee for the first time.
I feel in love for it when it was already sold out everywhere :-(

This one is from the J.Crew Outlet in Florida that my dear friend  (living in Weston by that time) score the last one for me.

Palma metallic  ankle-wrap flats & JCrew Knotted Short

She moved back to NY last June.

Just in time for my big birthday :-).

I was so excited expecting this baby, and I didn’t know it was going to be my birthday present :-)!

Thank you my sweetheart friend Elaine

You made me so happy!

This tee is VERY WELL made. 
I hope you can see it through the pictures. It is a size Small, but it runs a little be big for you gals that is in shape and happy with your scale though.
I’m still 15 pounds overweight so…:-/

Anyway, the sequin in this tee is tiny and delicate.
The Zebra is an appliqué over the fabric making this tee a little be heavy in this area. 
But in general it looks good...
I think :-)

I’m also sure many of you know how beautiful this sequin/beaded zebra tee is, so many lovers like me own the original tee from the retail store or one from the Crewlet, and that looks the same imo. So pretty!

Hockney Tote in Orchid Shadow
I really love this Beaded Zebra graphic tee.
So, so, so happy!
Have anyone any of theses sequin graphic tees that you are so in love with?
 I’ll love to know everything about it!

Have a nice Monday evening!


  1. Perfect combination of grey and white, I think you really made this one work. And I fail to see extra 15 lbs, sorry..:)

  2. Slastena, you are soo sweet! Thank you!
    Believe me, it is all about looking good and my old camera loves me!!
    I don't think I will ever get back to my real weight, but I'll keep trying...maybe one day I'll get there :-)


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