Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Outfit - IRL

Happy Saturday everyone!
Sorry for this late post about Friday.
 I've being around with my boys these past days and very busy.
We are taking advantage of those gorgeous weather days to do as much as we can for fun...we only have a couple weeks left right?
Thank God it rained on Thursday, because I got my "monthly visit" and it took all my energy away and what I want to do is rest...thanks PMS!
 I haven't in a mood to do anything...
But Friday I woke up looking for a bright sunny day to give me more energy so I decided to put some "simplice" on and had another great day with my boys!
Here is what I wore yesterday:

Here IRL:
New Loft Basic V-neck tee & old Gap short Jcrew Fireball cluster necklace
 Trying to show my Puma Simplice sneaker - lol
I feel like this Fresco print.
I really love this print.

Ahhh, I could not live without commenting about this little cat "silly band"...
my kids got a bunch of it as a prize in a birthday party and of course my youngest boy gave me one :-)
Isn't cute? Did you notice it in my right arm?
Happy Saturday!

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