Sunday, February 3, 2013

fitting room try on

I went like "flash Gordon" to my favorite store across street of Anthropologie at Rockefeller's Center - place I went to check the sale rack, but there was no extra % so I left empty hands - and I was able to try on some few arrivals!
Size Small in minty green
 Oversize sweater, 
love the fit and color,
 I could size down to XS(I was in a hurry to ask for an XS),
but I like the fit and the way this one falls on the body, 
I will try one size smaller next time I can get to the store,
but I'm 98% sure I will stick with the small.
size small 
color navy,
Soft cotton, cute top, but I have no need for this one,
maybe in a huge sale...:P
Next comes my favorite,
Size Small in Army green
I was surprise with the size of this jacket,
it runs big
lightweight cotton,
I got sold by the the stripe navy jersey lining ,
such a cute detail visible when we rolled the sleeves.
 you can see the size X-small on me:
much better fit,
the sleeves still long,
but keep in mind:
 I'm 5'tall!
 It doesn't bother me the sleeve being a little long,
the length is also very long,
 but still a winner for me :o)
 The waist-cinching adjustable drawcord is a plus!
Love, love, love the color!
Nice detail on the back, 
sorry for the bad pictures.
 thumbs up - following  Gigi!
This is #1 on my wish list!
 another great jacket:
Size Small in Oliver Drab
This jacket runs TTS ,
thick cotton,
and I didn't expect to like it that much!
 The pockets might be an issue for some,
but it is very structured  jacket,
and the pockets doesn't make us look bigger,
but definitely make the jacket a more sport looking.
Very nice light green comparing to the Charlie jacket,
love this one too!
 and not so new:
Jules dress in Botanical print - $298 ($199 online - sold out)
size 4 
two words: love, love!
Runs TTS like my other Jules dress ( here and here),
  the fit is great, 
and the silk is heaven!
This one is also surprisingly longer than any other I've tried! 
 it's a pass for me at this moment, 
but if I come across a pop back in a super % I will grab it!
(I've just spending more than I should, and I can't put $ in another dress right now :( 
And last but not least,
my OOTD:
Turtleneck and Skimmer pants in wool in bright dahlia - Jcrew Factory;
Scarf, jewelry and coat - Jcrew; booties - Hush puppies.
And as I speaking of Flash Gordon,
I leave you guys with this great song from Queen,
hope you all had enjoyed the Super Bowl!


  1. Ha, Very familiar with Flash Gordon! :) Love Queen!! They used Freddie video singing We Will Rock You, either at Super Bowl, or in a commercial. Fabulous, fabulous singer! Would've preferred Queen video over Beyonce anytime...

    You must try the bf in extra small. I think the small is too big for you. I'm wearing a small, so I know you need the xs. :P
    Thanks for the reviews! Your ootd looks very nice, esp the dahlia. :)

    1. I love Queen, love, love, love! I saw that commercial, so nice and I think Freddie was one of the best singers imo, still for me and I can get enough of nice to remember his songs/videos :o)
      I will try to get a bf in xs next time, are you going to dry clean yours? I'm loving dahlia lately, btw its a very nice pants, I think the Skimmers has a vetter fit than the cafe capris!

  2. Hi Andrea,i agree with Sharon that the xs might be a better fit for you.
    I had to size down to the xxs to have a good fit:)

    Thanks for the review`of the boyfriend fatique jacket,hopefully it will fit as nice as it did on you. It is backordered till the end of march:(

    1. Thanks Ina, I will try the XS next time in store, the Bf fatigue jacket was a nice surprise, very well done and structured, stays in place and nicelooking :o) I'm sure you will get this before March!

  3. I agree, the BF looks too big for you. Everything looks nice on you but I like your OOTD the best. :P

    1. Thank you TR! I got the BF sweater in navy and XS, much better -LOVE it! :-)

  4. I'm late to the game here, but I'm wondering which jacket you liked better, the charlie fatigue or the boyfriend fatigue. I'm trying to decide between the two! I'm so glad you reviewed these :)

  5. I'm late to the game here, but I'm wondering which jacket you liked better, the charlie fatigue or the boyfriend fatigue. I'm trying to decide between the two! I'm so glad you reviewed these :)

    1. Erika hi! I like more the Charlie fatigue, its long and has a nice navy striped lining, but it runs BIG, as you can see I took the XS and I could go XXS imo :) in the other hand if you like big pockest and u are looking for something shorter, the boyfriend is very nice, sturdy fabric. My pick would be the Charlie, its comfy, not too sturdy and long...HTH! PS: Ina from the other comment got the BF fatigue, she sized dow twice, and for me is TTS in a big way (maybe u can size down one time ;) thnx for stopping by! :o)

    2. Thanks Andrea! This helps :) One of the J. Crew personal shoppers was able to track down a boyfriend fatigue jacket for me so I will have to see when it comes. I'm kind of thinking after reading your post that I would like the Charlie fatigue better, it's sold out in my size so I will have to watch to see if it pops back! Thanks!!

    3. Hey Erika, you are welcome! Please let me know what your thoughts about the BF fatigue, and if you have. Chance to check on the Charlie fatigue, I think you will like it :-)


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