Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick post - Bronzed Bubble Skirt - IRL - Need help!

Hello everyone,
I need some help:-)
I want to meet my DH in the city for a date, but before I will stop by J.Crew for the :
I'm not sure if I pick the right outfit, but in case I did...
Should I go with flat oxfords or high heels shoes?
I took a picture with both shirts in denim I own..
First shirt:
Denim shirt, NY & Company
Oxfords, Steve Madden
Second shirt:
Oxfords, Steve Madden
I picked the Dangling pearl necklace, Jcrew and matching earrings for jewelry ...any suggestions is much appreciate:-)

About the skirt: it's very well made and cute. 
TTS, but very short
This is the "mini" of the minis skirts I own, cannot say "I ever" owned though...and once it is my last purchased FS I thought...well, I guess I must to wear it now! lol
I don't know if I should (shhhh...I'm in the 40's house now), and before someone says "hey lady, this skirt is not allow for you anymore..." let me wear it at least one great time!
DH love it so...let's do it!
Thanks for your help!
Have a fabulous Fashion's Friday!


  1. I love it with the chambray popover and Alecia heels! While the skirt may be short, you look great on it and it's just perfect for the occassion!! Take pics if you can, I will live vicariously through you! Have a great night!

  2. Thanks Pam, I cannot wait!
    Hope I can get some pictures to share!

  3. I like the denim shirt and the Alecias. Have a great time, you will look fabulous!

  4. Thank you Kathy!
    I like both shirts, but I chose the denim because it is thicker and it was chilly out:-) Beautiful night and I had a great time!


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