Friday, September 10, 2010

Long Labor Day weekend Return - Part II

Hey, I'm back.
Hope everybody have had a great week so far and a wonderfull Labor day weekend.
We had a blast time at Bear Mountain. No camping for us at this time (as usual we decided last minute, of course it was booked), but we took the road anyway after the fishes in the Mountain!

Outfits IRL:
We stayed at local hotel. Did you notice the black line in my leg? Clean mirror huh? LOL
Plaid shirt, F21
 tank top, destroyed denim shorts and necklace, Jcrew
The weather was gorgeous!
All around the area was pack with a lot people, some looking for the great deals 
discounts $% over the holiday.
Many others enjoying the nature.
I must to say, I had the best view.
The Kids had a lot of fun catching some little fishes...
They don't need anything else...
only worms, of course :-)
Me and DH posing for my oldest boy :-) humm, he is getting good on this!
Have a great Friday and a 
gorgeous weekend!


  1. you and your boys look gorgeous.:)
    N just said he wants to go fishing with G & F and V just doesn't care yet... next time they enjoy each other DHs take care of them and we can go shopping. deal?

  2. Thank my dear friend Elaine:-)
    That's a great deal! They will love it. Let's do it!


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