Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bags, bags and more bags, love it!

After splurge myself with two new bags,
I got my 3rd bag as a present from my DH J.
(Of course he paid for all of them)

But this one was special because he got it by himself with a little help of my sweet PS! Also it was my first color choice once I saw it.

That’s what I got in the mail today:

Beautiful light purple color,

darker in person than on the website.

Love the leather (hope the strong smell goes away soon) and the color!

Hockney Tote

Orchid Shadow

Hope you all had found your fave bag on this %off sale!

Enjoy the rest of your day:-)


  1. I love the color and the leather LOOKS soft! So pretty!!

  2. Yes Pamela, the leather is gorgeous! It is a very roomy bag and the color is darker and beautiful.
    Very happy:-)


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