Wednesday, June 27, 2012

brompton in pale gold

in real life:

Color Pale gold
$189.99 online
$159.99 in store
I love the leather finishing
internal division, with a piece with zipper.
and cross-body strap
+ + + for me!
 it opens in the sides
with paper inside

collapses nicelly

and goes with everything.
It's Summer time!
love it!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it it! I love gold and silver bags a lot! :-)

  2. Now that you've had the bag for a while, do you still love the color? I found one in a local B&M on clearance (waaaay less than the online price...), but am hesitant about the color...there were mixed reviews about it on the JCA blog...

    1. I still love the bag and color! I took it for this trip to DC, and it was perfect! The only thing that is bothering me is the push button on the right side, I think the gap is shorter between the pouch and the button (it i 1/2 inch longer on the other side), so if I pull the strap stronger, it opens, but nothing to make me mad, because the bag can be used to open the two buttons (if solid) or closed. But the color is beautiful! The gold on the leather is very rich. I do not read many reviews about this bag, just googled about how it collapses when empty, because I do not like bags like "sac", and that is well structured. Glad you found yours at the store for a better price (would love JC kept the same prices online and in store), I think a great investment for those who like metallic bags!
      How do you like so far?


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