Monday, October 1, 2012

B&M visit

but I'm lately moving so many stuff in my house, 
and I've been too lazy to post my last visits to my favorite store J.Crew.
So here we go, 
2 visits in one post!
From my recent one (and just that for now):
Size 4,
 Beautiful print!
SA added in my fitting room this cardigan to match the dress,
for an informal day look:
fabulous perfect color!
 love, love, love this dress in this print!
Felt it TTS,
silk a bit hard and crispy,
but beautiful!

From the sale section:
Love this sweats,

Tag picture
in case you want to search in store :o)

$78 - $88 in store- $44.99 special price?

Tippi sweater in polka dot
$59.99 before any %
(only color on sale)

 size 4,
but is grabing my arms a bit (if I was buying I'd take a bigger size).
$69.99 (price tag)
  Gigi posted about it here,
 markdown even further in-store for $29.99.

size small,
seems to be FP in store.
size 4, but I'd take size 2 to compare next time.
TTS in a big way.
 For some reason the black feels and looks big,
and it is my favorite too.
size 27 in color shallow sea

size 4
the SA added this top in my fitting room , 
once I was loking for a size 4 on the Jules dress in same print, gorgeous BTW, 
but sold out in small sizes.
Nice smooth silk, 
but I'd need a bigger size, 
as you can see this one is small on me :P

 and last, but not least
all J.Crew, except for the shoes - Gap
And in my way back home,
there I go again to the Magnolia bakery,
and also grabbed some Macarons to my boys :o) 
And for next:

only tomorrow...
nite nite everyone or good morning!


  1. Your OOTD is adorable!! I have to copy that look.

    Thanks for doing all the try-ons. The paisley print on that dress is pretty but the dress is short ;(

    1. Thank you Rose! You are very sweet, and I love the Paisley dress, but it is short even for me! :o)

  2. Oh the paisley dress and the pistachio cardigan are beautiful together, though I think a long line cardigan would work better rather than cropping the boxy dress. I wish Jules dresses weren't so short, they look so comfy.

    1. Rhe paisley print is prettier irl, and I got surprised how nice it looks with the short crdi too!
      Beautiful colors, but is short...:o)

  3. wow all of that is so cute, especially the dress!! love the blog! <3

    1. I love the Jules dress and this print is special! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. It's so good to see all the goodies on other girlies. ;) I love the cardi color w/the Jules dress.

    Super cute ootd on you!


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