Wednesday, October 26, 2011

last Monday - stripe

I went out there,
 and of course I stopped by my favorite store and check a few things.


 Have you seen this hat in the store? 
I loved it, but I bought one like that in NY & Co 
for much less.
 I'm also obsessed by this
 red / orange color
these kind of sweaters are not made ​​for me :-(
They reopened the Loft store in this mall,
Textured pleaded hobo bag, $59.50 +40% off
I really like this bag, 
and I was surprised it was on sale with 40% off.
I just don't need another bag
I've bought "enough" lately...
but its very cute and pratical for $36.

Have a  wonderful day!


  1. That striped dress is great! You look fantastic--esp. wearing it with the loafers! I'm obsessed with that shade of red/orange, too! I can't decide if want to get a sweater in that color or the Edie pursette in that color. I don't have any fun color bags and I love how they liven up a neutral outfit. That hat looks great on you, too! I cannot wear hats--they never look right! :P

  2. Elaine, voce é suspeita! Rsss
    Beijokas :o)

  3. Kitty, thank you! You are very sweet :o) You know, I just found some red/orange pieces in my closet! After I had bought a orange cardi from Loft that is the same ton as my JC "red" Tartine from 2 years ago?! I think the Edie pursette is a great orange call!
    I hope it can go on sale...soon :D


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