Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank you Ginger Girl!

I've being busy and taking forever to post about my goodies from Ginger Girl Giveaway.
But I have to say:

Anthropologie halter apron {cute wooden buttons along the pockets and ruffle trimmed neckline}
This is the cutiest apron I ever had!

I love the pockets!

Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel with conversions

Williams-Sonoma spatulas-regular size, and two minis
Thanks for the sweet card Pamela:)

I really love everything!
While taking the pictures my little guy approaches and says " I love your dress mommy".
That's it!
I think I need find an excuse to go to the Grocery store and grab some milk with my new cute and green apron.
Should I leave the spatulas home?!

Hope you all have a great hot weekend!

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