Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday - OvO!!


"OVO is a headlong rush into a colourful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. The insects' home is a world of biodiversity and beauty filled with noisy action and moments of quiet emotion.

When a mysterious egg appears in their midst, the insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives.

It’s love at first sight when a gawky, quirky insect arrives in this bustling community and a fabulous ladybug catches his eye – and the feeling is mutual.

OVO is overflowing with contrasts. The hidden, secret world at our feet is revealed as tender and torrid, noisy and quiet, peaceful and chaotic. And as the sun rises on a bright new day the vibrant cycle of insect life begins anew."

And there we go.
I was so excited to take my boys to this show because they love "insects", and I was right.

I was ashed watching so many talent people doing such amazing acrobatics with their bodies. I don’t have words to explain the wonderful feeling of seeing my boy's eyes not blinking to no miss any details.
What a wonderful day!
If you have a chance, don’t miss it! I guarantee you will fall in love!

Me with 2 of my boys (my third boy “DH” was taking this picture-lol) before the show.

Have you all a beautiful day!

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