Monday, June 17, 2013

Fan in navy

Another beautiful Jcrew inspired necklace:
Fan Fringe necklace in navy by GroopDealz, very pretty!
I'm so happy with my first 2 purchases from them, that I'm already kicking myself for not getting the turquoise on this one as well while was still available for sale!
I confess I was a little afraid about what I was gonna get, and I'm very surprise with this knockoff necklace.
For sure I will keep hunting for the others, I high recommend it!
What do you think?  Nice and easy colors to combine, right ?!
Have a lovely day!


  1. Hi Andrea. I just recvd mine today. A different color. I love it. I'll link to you when I put up a review. Will try to throw it on the next one. Thanks for sharing your pics! I was curious what the other colors look like.

  2. Usually I wear fine or vintage/antique jewelry. But I fell for the rosette necklace. Since I know it's a passing trend for me, I went for the knockoffs too. They're great for something fun. Have a good time wearing yours!


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