Saturday, April 13, 2013

madame tussauds

 all J.crew minus the necklace - F21
and bracelet - Coldwatercreek,
and I ended coming back home with the Pavé Heart Pendant Necklace - Jcrew,
that I found on sale at Rockefeller Center B&M after all;
and  Jacket  - Loft

I think this mini bag goes very well with almost all outfits!
And there I go:

it was my first time there, 
can you believe it?
 but this view I know very well,
and I love NYC!
 here I am,
ready to meet with the good ones....
 I love her!
she is one of the most perfect replicas,
Rob Pattinson..he doesn't look himself at all... the other hand...
 I "die hard" in the company of Bruce Willis,
the bald guy,
 and I do not like bald men
but in this case ...
he is just too perfect!:P
 Good people,
 the wealth and glamor,
 the "First Family"
because everyone needs a little art,
 and color in life to paint it happily :o)
He is great!
Have a lovely Sunday!

PS: My cell phone died and I could not take a picture with all my faves there,
but I will definitely go back!


  1. LOve the outfit,esp the boyfriend sweater!I would have never though tof combining the skirt with taupe tights-looks great!

    Enjoy your sunday!!

    1. Thank you Ina! I love this sweater, and the skirt was a great find/$ and I thiught I'd never wear it! It was a first time for both items and I reply enjoy this look, so comfortable and put together from day to night! Have a great Sunday!

  2. You look great--that outfit is casual but sophisticated and perfect for sightseeing.

    JFK, on the other hand . . . that boy ain't right.

    1. Than you! I felt myself all right all day long on this outfit :-) you are right, there is a few, not even a hand full there that is really a perfect replica, and it's a lot to see! Thnx for stopping by :-)

  3. Loft? That's a bad @ss jacket, Andrea. I thought you were standing there with Whoopi. lol Her statue is good.

    1. Thnx Gigi, and Yes Loft Factory - very nice and well made jacket from last year if I'm not wrong...I love Woopi and she looks very real :o)


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