Thursday, January 31, 2013

favorites...jcrew new arrivals

Jcrew launched their new Collection, 
and I still love some oldies.
There it goes what catched my eyes...
 Love this Merino boyfriend sweater in this color, 
but my picks would be navy, minty green or sour lemon.
 Boy shirt in mint straberry plaid

 Where is this tee?
Love it!

Someone knows the name and link of it?

Mini bag in rose dust

Tartine Satchel in casablanca blue

What about you,
 have you picked your favorite pieces from the new collection?


  1. Nice picks Andrea!
    I have placed a order to get a few of the new arrivals(the merino colorblock cardigan,the translucent stone bracelet and a army-style jacket on backorder).

    1. Ohhh Ina, you will LOVE the army-style jacket, I tried it on today, TTS, very nice! I went fast to the store once I was around with family, sale sections is GONE! I can't wait to see your reviews!

  2. Ding! Ding! Here goes the next round! ;)
    All great picks but I'm loving the flower tee, too, and I think the whole look is feminine perfection! I stopped buying tee's but will make an exception for this one. I'm feeling inspired...I'll make a call to see what I can find out about the tee. I found a pair of wedges in Madewell's spring looks that may be an option but will have to wait for March release to know for sure (per CS).
    Have a great weekend, Andrea!

    1. Afff sharon, there I go again! But I got to be careful this time, and I cn say I LOOOVE the Charlie fatigue jacket! Oh my goodness, my wallet is starting to feel it :P This flower tee is so pretty isn't it?! Please, let me know what you found about it! MD made me mad today, I was goind to order the snowbank cap (I didn't find it today in stores) and it's gone with this 40%off replay :( anyway...I goodies in the web that I can't even start to list..LOL
      Have a great Sunday!

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