Saturday, January 21, 2012

faux fur

I tried all week to post about this deal,
but for some reason I didn't do it.
Last Monday I went to do errand with mom,
and found one of my favorite Loft store,
 located in a mix outlet & retail stores Mall, 
open for their last week,
and offering 75%off in everything!
Not much goodies left (if I new about that 3 weeks ago...),
 but pants and sweaters were around $5-$15,
and I grabbed the last and only one Faux Fur vest,
waiting for me in my size for only $16.
I have been looking for one faux fur vest for a while,
I'm so happy I found this one! 
It fits nicely without adding too much weight, 
and for this price I won't feel guilty of buying something that might never comes out of my closet, 
because I'm not so sure how to wear it :-P

The pictures doesn't do it justice,
it's a very pretty vest.
And my OOTD:

Snowbound puffer, Jcrew, Small
Slim corduroy pant, NY&Co, size 4
Ankle boots, Gap
 Love this bracelet,
I  wish I had found the green/mint and orange color as well.
Have you all a great weekend!


  1. Hello Villasba! Congrats on you vest! It's cute! I like that it's not overwhelming on you. You should wear it. LOVE both of your outfits, and the bracelet. I passed up the jester sweater in purple (got the navy) but I like it now that I see irl. My navy jester is now one of my favorite sweaters. Did you get any snow yet? We received a little here in MD, and I hope this is it!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thank you JV!
    This what I like most in this vest, is no everwhelming on me :-) I can wait to wear it!
    The navy Jester sweater was my first choice, but I could not find "one" in my size :-( so I decided to give this green/purple color a try, so at least I grabbed one for Jester sweater for such a great price, and I LOVE the fit!
    We just got some snow yesterday, it was very sunnytoday and I think this white look will be gone soon...:-P


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