Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have an unconditional love for dresses and my closest friends are well aware of my weakness ...

Speaking of dresses ... 

Jcrew nailed it on the head in some of the new arrivals!
My picks and wish list are growing...

1st pick (my DH fave):
 Mirabel Dress - $ 148
0oops, size 2
beautiful detail

I only tried the size 2 because they didn't have it in bigger size on the floor
...until she brings my "regular" size"
 the most sizes on my local B&M: 0, 2, 6 and one 4!
size 4
size 4
I really like the fit on this dress, 
more snug (good way) on chest area and the pockets are a plus!
I'm usually size 6 (not sure, lately wearing size 4 though),
 but I will say that this dress is TTS in a big way.
LOVE the floral embroidery detail on the dress...

Nice length, 
but I'd go for the petite still.
 Although I loved the dress in the color faded black,
 also available in plain white (floral embrodery in white as well) -in-store only 
my eyes are shining and blinking towards the Muslin poppy color... 
I loved how detail in orange pop on the dress:-)
I wished they had it in the store as well, 
it would be easy to decide...
my Clogs, AREZZO Brazil

first time wearing it :-) So comfy!

2nd pick:
size 4
size 6
 Love everything about it!
It's a very lightweight and see through cotton, 
but the slip takes care of it :-)
Funny thing is the dress size is not on itself, 
only on the slip you know the size,
 and the slip is not nailed to the dress, so if any one try more than one size and not put back together, 
it can be a great confusion ! 
There is no way to know the size of the dress on its own!
 Slip lost
nobody will be able to guarantee the size of the dress!
That's not good Jcrew!
size 4
size 6
As you can see I tried both sizes 4 and 6.
Some prefer the size 4, but one person prefers the size 6 on me so...
size 4
size 6
You can judge  for yourself.
I have my fave size, and not sure I can go for the petite on this one, the length looks fair good IMO,
 but online it is shorter on the model.
this is the winner for me :-)
Size 4

3rd pick:
I really like this dress, the fit and feeling. 
So sexy and love the stripes!
size 6
love it belted
I didn't try it in size 4 so, not sure I could go with P6, perhaps P8.
But DH is not so crazy about stripes so...
I could try the Lace Blouson Dress, $ 158 - on sale now for  $110
but did not find it in store :-(
I really love this lace version!
maybe online-catalog only?!

black and also in old lace (white)
What do you think?

4th pick:
Very cute dress for any time around.
Substantial weight,
an  I'll love if it comes in petite :-)
size Small, faded black
For the end, I also tried this blouse that looks very cute, saw it on PV from cdp picks:
Size 4
Love the  silk/cotton and the flower print.
Not sure about what I think on me :-(
It's nicer IRL than in the picture, that makes me look "prego" imo.
hummmm, I don't know :-(

And that's it for now.
Time to keep my eyes in some of these goodies and see what can grab
 from my wish list.
Did you try some of the new items yet?!
Some faves and weakness...
dresses maybe?!?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I love the Mirabel & the striped dresses. Orange on the feet look cute, too. Great color idea.

  2. I love the mirabel on you - not on me so much, but now wondering if I should have sized down? Love the blouson stripe too. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Gigi- thanks! love the Mirabel and striped dress too. The only thing I buy against my DH taste is stripe!

    cdp- thanks! You should try size down on Mirabel dress b/c the zipper on size 2 closed on me (not my size for sure!), so I believe everyone can go down 1 size on theMaribel:-) I'm in between 4/6 in dresses.
    Give it another try!

  5. i love the dress in faded black and the SHOES are just perfect!!

  6. this free bird - Thank you!
    I love the shoes, now I need the dress - lol.


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