Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rio movie OOTD IRL

I loved the movie!
We all had so much FUN!!!


I got my Colette dress , J.Crew
just in time for the movie!
Kaleidoscope Paisley San Isidro Bag, J.Crew
(score on eBay)

Have a wonderful day!
P.S.: Don't forget to watch "Rio" :-)


  1. Wow. I love the outfit! I haven't paid attention to that dress but I'm clicking over to give it a look-see! The bag is a great ebay purchase. I enjoy spending time on ebay looking up old j.crew patterns and pieces.

  2. Thanks Pam!
    Me too, I went to check on the dress after cdp posted the deals on store and loved it! Very comfy, it was a surprise for me :-)
    eBay is not the same as when I started to look for stuff, but I looovvee to find old j.crew pieces with good prices! Who doesn't it huh?!


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