Monday, March 21, 2011

OOTD-3/20/11+Fitting room+review

Beautiful day yesterday!
Not too warm, but nice to shopping around once my little boys are staying around the house  with daddy in charge,  so there I go...
 My choice
 Cadabra cardigan - LUV it!
Naturalizer shoes - Perfect clogs for all times!
 My DH choose the Uggs for this look so,  that's how I hit NY,
but I changed it for the clogs to go out dinner with family:-)
 Trying to make a better pose, lol
Bad pictures though
 Love this jacket, sorry it is too dark,
hope you can see that it has ruffles in the collar and it is navy blue
And that's complete my outfit :-)
So I drove to the city...bad idea
 traffic in my way, of course!
there is always a good reason
 to go to the city
Beautiful view of NYC from the Bridge
Now. let's check the canvas tote
 Racer Tote - $62
Color Natural speckle

Roomy, interior back-wall hanging pocket
Nice size, I'm a big fan of big bags!
 This short handles didn't work for me
 It's not easy to take it out and I don't know where to put the long leather handles
Maybe if it was full would hold better on shoulders and shape, not sure 
I prefer with the leather handles
IMO looks nice and I like the orange color popping against the ivory/blue
 It's not a thick canvas, its thin and I can see myself loosing everything inside of it + it will get dirty fast
 I didn't take it with me,
maybe if it goes on sale with some kind of %off...
The weathered sage is much strong color IRL
What did they do with the leather handles ?! Maybe they cut it off?!
Have a great evening Monday!


  1. I hope you don't mind me syaing "cute, cute, cute" outfit! Naturalizers are never on my shopping radar but those clogs are pretty. Are they from this past season? Thanks for the pic's (including the driving shots) & reviews.

  2. Love your look fantastic! The Racer tote is very cute. I like the navy/ivory with the orange. I'll definitely consider that one on sale. :)

    Thanks for all the pics and reviews!

  3. IRL - Thanks!
    I also never got an eye on Naturalizer shoes, until walking with my mom through the store “Famous Footwear” to get inside to a new mall. I had never heard of this store (and what a shame but true!) before that day! It was about a month ago and they can order it for you (in case your size is sold out) with free shipping!
    I could not find it in their website, but you can set a pick up in store -any shoes you want -through the web! How cool is that?!
    Good luck!☺

    FFM-Thank you so much!!!
    You are very sweet!
    I really like the Racer tote, and my fave is the ivory/blue/orange too! But not at FP ☹
    Patience is a virtue that I am learning how to cultivate!
    Let’s wait☺

  4. I adore the Carly dress with those tights!! You look great!

    Agreed - the bag is cute but definitely wait for a sale.

    Glad to see you back!

  5. Andrea-Thank you !!!
    I love the Carly dress and hopefully I’ll wear it more this Summer!
    I’m kind of back to the blog’s world-lol ☺
    Once in a while I’ll be around. But I’m always reading my favorites blogs, and I really enjoy your blog and outfits! ☺


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