Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brushed Tartan

I was so in love with the JC Cashmere plaid scarf 
 - not at all with the price
that I decide to hunt for a similar/copy of it around the stores, 
and there I was on Cyber Monday: online all morning!
 That's what I found:
 By Asos web:
Checked scarf, featuring a classic tartan check design, long wide styling with fringed ends, and a soft brushed finish."
100% Acrylic.
Not as thick as I expected,
 but it is a nice toutch to any outfit.
 Very funny how fashion is always spinning,
 what seemed out of style in the past year,
is back as the hit of fall/winter collection.
The Cape jacket, 
here in wool by Express from few years ago.

 I don't have a better picture
 of this cape,
 but it has only one
 button on the collar.
The cut is similar 
to the J.Crew cape jacket, 
you can find it here or
But this one is 
a bit longer
(what I like).

I'd prefer if 
I could close it
 all way down.

(I might fix that :-)
 My beloved Regent Hunter boots.
first time out of the house :-)
Love, love, love!
 Perfect long sleeve tee in henna, J.Crew.
  And those are the most clear,
 and real in color tons pictures of the Asos scarf:
 On day light.
Have a wonderful (rainy) day!!!!!!

PS: I also orderedd a Plaid Fringe Scarf by F21, 
but I didn't receive it yet.


  1. Great outfit Villasba! I think the scarf is an excellent substitute for the JCrew scarf. Really love your cape, and your whole outfit. Perfect for this really dreary, rainy December day. :)

  2. Thanks for the great review of the scarf! It looks great to me! I think mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow! Love your adorable outfit, too! Those Hunters are so cute! :)

  3. Justvisiting-thanks! I really like this scarf, but just got the one from F21 and I like it more! Both are a great replacement for the JC cashmere...

  4. Kitty- thnx, you should order the F21 scarf, it is cream instead of white, but is cozy and nicer than the Asos plaid scarf. F21 has free shipping with code 3DAYSHIP!


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