Friday, October 14, 2011

when I have extra time...

And there I went to J.Crew again,
and because I had some extra time today...
of course I made it to the fitting room :-)
Look what I found on sale:

Encore trench, $398 
$239-30% off (what do you think?)
I found the size 4 at the fitting room (SMALL FOR ME)
that's the reason I tried it on, 
otherwise I would never know it is on sale!

Cowlneck poncho, $99 -30% off
 I found the XS small for me.

They had no size small for me to try, so I'm not sure. 
But I feel it's a little tight in the butt area.

 This tee is XS, I don't know the name, 
but it is $49.99 before 30% ??? :-O
Maybe XXSmall would fit better?!?!
No thanks.

 I also found some old (but beautifu1)
$69.99 before 30%off
 Great price,
left it in store.

  I need to focus on my fall/winter wishlisted.

Biella high-heel loafers, $129 or $99 (not sure)
before 30% off
TTS in a large way.
 I would have bought without a second thought, 
if I had a place to wear them.

Beautiful and sexy, 
for those people who have a place to go.
I love high heels
and got more than I need and twice the amount I use.

Fisherman's henley, $89 (before 30% off)
The ivory color is my favorite.
 Wonderful sweater for those skinny women.

I love this kind of sweater
but I have (must) to understand 
that they are not made ​​for me :-(

 Beautiful detail, 
don't miss it on sale!
Also in navy.

And my OOTD,
b/c I love Ginger Girl style, 
I couldn'd resist to clone her outfit.

All J.Crew.

on my walk today,
I was lucky to find one of the items on my wishlist
 that I really wanted, 
and it was on sale!!!

$70 after 30%off FS.

I do not know how long it stayed on sale, but it seems it was a "opppsmarkdown ... 
lucky me who was there 
on that "oppps" moment!

Did you find something good on the past days?!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That's the coastline stripe tee at a ridiculous $69.99. The loafers look particularly awesome.

  2. Gigi, the loafer is really beautiful and to my surprise, very comfortable!

  3. Love your OOTD! Those black wedges are great! Don't you hate when you find something you love that's not on your wishlist?! The Coastline tee is so long! I wish they wouldn't make their tees so long--I have the same problem. And I like the Fisherman sweater on you! :)

  4. Wow! That's a great price for the wool capris! Enjoy them!

  5. I saw the wool capris marked down at my store but couldn't justify the price for cropped wool pants here in WI. I love them though and the deal was amazing!

    Love your OOTD *wink wink*!

  6. I love Biella loafers and picked them up. My store did not have hounds tooth capris on sale, I would have loved them at sale price. Darn.:) Any chance of selling yours?
    Thank you for posting fab pics, I always always check the RL photos.

  7. Thanks Kitty :-) Thanks to Pam :-)
    I don't really like when find some goodies on a great sale and it's NOT on my have to resist, but it's not always like that :-P
    That tee is ridiculous expensive and long!
    Really love the fisherman's sweater, maybe one day :)

  8. Thanks Rose for stopping by!
    Yes, it's a great price for this cute wool capris! I'm very happy!

  9. Pam,
    Funny part is that this wool cafe capris doesn't "look" capris on me :-) At least this time, i'm glad to be "short"
    Thanks for all the inspiration, love your looks!

  10. Slastena,
    The Biella loafers still on my "radar"...Love it and you woill look fabolous with it! Great buy!
    I love this wool cafe capris :-) got it in size 2.
    I can't wait to ee your set with the Biella!!!


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