Saturday, October 15, 2011

JC fitting-room + striped look OOTD

Someday a few weeks ago in the city...
Vintage cotton baseball tee, heather graphite
Love it!
Nice in light blue (on sale online and in-store),
I don't know why, but after looking at the pictures it looks like I'm wearing pajamas (I like the white better of all I tried on),
but I'll love to have the vintage forest color. 
I passed on both colors.
This was the first time I saw the gilded tweed mini skirt,
 on sale and very cute,
but very mini!
Maybe I should try a larger size for it sit lower on the waist and loose in the hip, but they didn't have it, just a few left in-store.

Excursion Quilted jacket, $158
Size small, color vintage elm.
I likey it!
Also comes in black,
feels really comfy.

Amie stripe maxi dress, J.Crew
Belt, J.Crew
Denim jacket, Guess
Handbag, J.Crew
Sorry, but I always wear shoes socks (tights) when I wear
new shoes for the first time.
I came back home without it,
but forgot to take off for the pictures :-(
The little turtle necklace, J.Crew
Patent Loafers, Steve madden
Close up of this cute turtle
that goes everywhere with me,
most of the time :-)

PS: I didn't buy anything :-)
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I really like the tweed mini! Did you happen to know if your store had a size 2 or 4?

  2. Hi Jen, I found the size 6 ( I'm wearing) and 4, not sure about 2. It was at the Columbus Circle in Manhattan, I don't have the style # but if you do, you can do the search or call them. It was the only store I saw a few left.
    Thanks for stopped by, and good lucky!

  3. The mini look great on you, if I was ten years younger I would buy it!

  4. Andrea, thanks for the reviews! and I adore the little turtle necklace! He is sooo cute!

  5. Andrea is their number 212-823-9302? I think I looked up the right store but I'm not too familiar with all the different stores in NY. Anyway, I tried calling that one and they said they hadn't seen the dress in the last week or so. If you happen to see it again in a 4, would you mind putting it on hold for me? I have tried a we will find it search and haven't had any luck tracking it down yet.

  6. sorry, not dress, I meant the tweed skirt! :)

  7. Bourbon&Pearls- I love the fit of this minil. I have a couple "minis" that I wear with leggings or thick tights and I really enjoy them, but I was without any tights when I tried on this skirt, and the sensation of the legs out when I bent down, got me off guard. But I love the skirt! Maybe if I go 1 larger size, it would be sit lower a little ...

  8. My4boys-Thanks!
    Sorry for my English mistakes :-P I Looove this turtle necklace! Very cute!

  9. Jen-It was before this last 30% off, and they didn't have many...probably they got sold. You called the right #, I will check this week (I have to go to pay my JCC), if I find any size 4 I'll put on hold and let you know :-)

  10. Love the tweed skirt! Too bad it's so short.

    Thanks for the reviews!


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