Monday, October 3, 2011

Icon trench

I finally got the chance to try Icon trench.
size 6, and only one in-store.
FP $289
 I felt a bit big on the beinning,
 but just b/c I had tried the Banana Republic in petite size,
and of course it is better on the lenght and arms.
 Can you count how many buttons?
 I really love it
 4 belt loops, 2 in the back 
and 2 in the front
It got on sale $198,
Just  one day it was sold out in amost all sizes.
My PS finally was able to grab one when it became available again.
Great sale + 30% off promo,
I was so happy!
and so, I decided to try the size 4 to compare.
What I didn't know is that I was going to get
the NEW Icon trench coat.
I got a bit desappointed.
 Only 3 belt loops on the back,
which I prefer because you can put the belt around the waist
 where suits you better.

Please, count the buttons now:
Against 10 buttons from the old beautiful Icon trench that
I was waiting for.
The button is higher,
 for now it holds the detail of the extra fabric on the side, 
and only one side now.
Are they saving the fabric?

The height of this button towards my armpits
where as before the button was at the height of the breast.
 This causes a big difference
You can see how it is pulling the fabric, it is because is tighter (size 4),
 but at the same time is the button position, 
if it was towards the armpit this effect would not be happening.
I like the fact it has 3 belt loops only on the back.

But not like they have taken so many buttons,
 fabric saved in putting the detail on one side only.
I really liked how it was before.
Does taking three buttons away and a detail of extra fabric on one side, they're saving so much and therefore making more money?
Because they have to fix something that is so good?!
We do not move in a winning team, is not it?

I will definitely exchange it for size 6,
and then evaluating if I really going to keep it.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Me too Tammy...:-( Now I'm in trouble, exchanged it for the 6 and keep it, or look for the old version...

  2. oh boo! the first one is awesome. you can get phenomenal cost/wear out of a trench. and even though it's a solis basic, you'll only wear it if you *love* i. trust me, i know.

  3. Ohh Gigi, I'm so sad :-(
    I really *love* the old version. I'll try to exchange it, but I'm 85 % sure it will be back to the wherehouse:-(.
    Thanks for your imput, I agree with you :-)

  4. It's a nice coat! The size 6 might solve the problem for you. Good luck!

  5. Those changes are significant enough that J Crew should have changed the name. The coat appears on ebay. I would look for the one you love and not settle. I finally got my size in black this summer (it was from Fall 09) and I am in love. You will find the perfect one!

  6. Kristin-Thanks for stopping by :-)
    I agreed with you, it's no "Icon" anymore. I did twice the search and nothing, none "real" Icon trench for me :=(
    I didn't exchange this "new" version yet, just because I have some hope to find the old one still :-)
    I've being looking on ebay as well, hopefully I'll have some lucky by the end of the year :-)

  7. Hah! I've had the exact SAME dilemma! I was holding out for a promo and in splurging on the icon, and when I finally did, I was so disappointed to see the fabric quality and design had changed. I got it in the 4 and 6, and ended up keeping the 6, and am still unsure if I should hang on to it, or just wait and splurge for a Burberry or see if they'll redo their old design. Personally it feels really boxy, and isn't as flattering as the old one. Wish I just went ahead and bought the first version!

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  8. Janet-Sorry for my late reply, but I do't know why the blogger put some comments as moderate, and I didn't see it until now :-(
    I did the same as you, I exchanged it for the saize 6, but I was so sad that I didn't even took pictures and decide to write a letter to JC CS about it. Guess what? They found 1 old fashion pretty Icon trench, and sent it to me :-))) So happy! I wouldn't keep the trench if I don't LOVE it!
    What did you do?

  9. I was just about to buy the new Icon trench the other day but was not a fan of the silhouette. I do, however, love the look of the old Icon trench (and am now on the hunt for one of those!) You don't happen to have the style number of the old trench do you (should be on the label of the coat somewhere!) Thanks in advance!


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