Tuesday, October 11, 2011

jcrew fitting-room

To enjoy the warm weather and the Columbus day,
I went to check some promotions in my favorite stores.
That's what I found:
Kirtley Satchel, coblestone
$149-30% off final sale
It is smaller than I expected, the handles are short.
The extra handle boost and you can use crossbody
big PLUS for me :-)

 I don't know if I like the way it opens. 
If you open it in a hurry, it will open the zipper completament.
It cannot leave open, otherwise  it will be hanging weird.

I loved the "warm redwood" color more.
The black detail on this one didn't sell me.
As you can see
the only one I found in the store was all scratched.
Maybe it's supposse to be like that :-)
I passed it.

 Nora hair calf ballet flats, green camo (in-store color?)
$129 - 30% off
 It runs big, I'm usually 8M, 
but as you can see it is coming off my foot.
Nice, but thanks.
The scarf...
 Printed scarf in wool, $59
special price in store $44 
So sad only the blue is on sale with 30%off additional :-(
I really want the orange!
Maybe on sale, 
it's not a "must" in my wardrobe.
 Sorry I tried the sweatshirt over my dress (Ino bottons and I was too lallzy to take it off).
Regreted not getting this cute and confy sweatshirt :-( 
wearing XS in the picture.

$89.99 - 30% off
I surprisely LOVE IT!
It runs big, I'm wearing size 0.
Unfortunately (and thanks!)
they didn't have the size 2,
otherwise I'll "must" to have it!
**no more funds!**
So prety this print, looking for the scarf.
 Bellow in green,
the right size imo:
Size 2.

 Close up of the little cute turtle necklace,
in-store, $45.
 I've lost count 
of how many times I've used this turtle necklace:-)
And for last I stopped by Payless:
Paid 1/2 of the price with the promo "bogo"
very cute patent loafer,
also got this to bite the promo:
Thanks to Kitty!

Did you take advantage of the Columbus Day promotions?
Have a
wonderful day!

OOOps, forgot my OOTD!


  1. The scarf is really pretty. Oh, that sun-drenched sweatshirt is so comfy. I got the dahlia color.

  2. I love this scarf too, just waiting to goon sale....
    I could not find the sun- drenched sweatshirt anymore after during the 30% promo :-(


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