Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tweed, linen, stripes, and more...

Last week,
I made my way to the store to check the spearmint tweed jacket,
and I few other things showed up...
I love this bag!
I have not seen it yet online,
3 colors and 3 parts, 
the middle with zipper closure, 
and two externals with button pressure closure.
Black, beige and red color.
beautiful color combination.
Extra strap for crossbody wear.
I really like it!
If I'm not wrong it's $325.
Size 6
Perfect fit (I didn't try the size 8 I also had on hold),
love that is lined,
and the color combo with the gold buttons. 
$59.99 in stores before any %!
-FYI:JC is running 30% off sale items in stores!-
size 6,
I loved this shirt when I saw it online, 
but I thought I would change my mind when I saw irl,
and my first impression was of a pajama shirt ... but after I tried it on, 
loved it even more!
The print, fit, cotton, the collar ... all perfect!
-unfortunately not for me-
size 4,
looks like I'll need a larger size,
the eyelet fabric is grabbing me right above my breast, 
at the level of my armpit, 
both front and back.
It fits well throughout the rest of the body, 
so I'd not buy a bigger size because it would be too wide,
 but about the quality is very good!

size small in marled sand color,
I'm wearing a tank top underneath because it is very transparent, 
and apparently huge, 
but I didn't ask for size XS.
I just didn't feel it,
I'd suggest to size down on this one.
size small
I've tried this once while FP, 
super fast and not found it all that day ... and for my surprise it was right there on sale!
I decided to try it again,
something about this blazer calls my name,
But the same thing keeps bothering me,
near the bar looks like the stitching is twitching,
but I love the thin stripes.
- exactly what I was looking for when I tried the coat of gap here
and I bought this one .
-when I folded the hem of blazer, making him get shorter, it seems that the problem of sewing jerking disappears-
below is a photo with the close up of what I call the "problem" in this blazer, 
but when I saw the price tag, 
I thought it would be worth investing in and try to fix!

what you guys think?
Am I too crazy about stripes or what?!
And for last but not least,

Top, jewelry and bag -Jcrew/ Pants - Madewell/ Shoes - Steve Madden/ Jacket - OldNavy/
Have you all a great day!


  1. Hi Andrea! The stripe blazer looks nice on you, and I really like the thin stripes too. I have the beach shorts and the boyshort swim trunks in a similar stripe from last summer. The eyelet top was a no-go for me too. So barrel-like in the body. Cute but the fit is just nit going to be the look I want this summer. :) I really like the foulard print, but can't get past the pajama top feeling, plus the colors aren't really for me. The purse is pretty! There was another tote and a handbag, I think, with the contrasting red or orangeish trim. Speaking of bags, in a moment of weakness yesterday, I
    ordered the mini bromoton in blue sea (popback and the price was
    too good to pass -it's more of an everyday bag for me than the big

    Did you see the thistle print top yet? I was torn about it (want prints, but the pink was very pink, and the look was nice but I wasn't head over heels for it on - typical popover fit minus collar). I'm wondering
    if the carribean blue is in stores yet. I love it in the catalog picture!
    I'm not in love with so much from the crew right now, which is a good thing.

    Well, thanks for the reviews! It's foggy here this a.m. -difficult to get going. Nothing some coffee can't fix. ;) Have a great day!!!

    1. I ordered the striped blazer, at least it is not the final sale, I really like it :o) I loved the Foulard shirt, but not enough to buy it with 30% discount, but if it gets on sale I can live in that pajamas shirt :P Did you try it?! The eyelet is very pretty, but realy not for me...you said what I thought "look barrel-like" is not what I'm looking for now :(
      The mini bromptom in blue sea was my 2nd option for the Biennal hobo, I didn't know it was on sale! I love this bag, let me know when you get it!
      I didn't find the tristle popover yet :( my fave is the green and blue color, already sold out in my size online...I will go some time this week or next again to the store and hopefully I can find one to try.
      Nothing is really turning my head on JC right now too, just old good stuff :P
      It's beautiful and sunny here today, and I'm finally better from my allergies/cold that get worse last Saturday...hope you get a bright day tomorrow with a delicious coffee :o)

    2. Completely understand the on sale/making it work feeling for the foulard (& other sale goodies. I got the itch for June Meadow shorts this a.m.) :) Honestly, I'm really bored & waiting for warm spring air to break for springier outfits.

      Glad you're feeling better Andrea!
      Looking forward to more reviews!

    3. I hope it takes a while to get in sake...I'm broke! LOL
      I'm bored too, trying to make some sets with what I own that is staying forgotten in closet and taking space :-P loving the liberty toothpick that I got today!

  2. Thanks for the great reviews!
    I like the Foulard top,but like JustVisiting the colors would not look good on me.
    My thistle print popover comes on friday,so i will see how it looks:)
    Have you seen it IRL?
    I am also waiting for another bathingsuit order and cover-ups and the striped tote:)

    1. I thought the same about the Foulard shirt, but is different when we try it on....I love the look of the thistle popover, not seen it yet, which color yu got?! I like the green/blue most, but already sold out in my size :( let me know what you think!
      I've my eyes on some bathingsuits too, but usually they don't fit me right, or I'm ordering the wrong size....:P

  3. Hi Andrea. That's the biennial colorblock tote ($375). It went on promo for $325, then got marked down to $299.99 online. It's a beautiful handbag. Like you, I had mixed feelings about the maritime stripe blazer, but I ended up w/the one in black. It's very comfortable.

    1. Hi Gigi, thnx for the info! I love this bag, and m so happy to know that it got marked down!!!
      I could not pass the sale price on the maritime blazer, I got it today and I liked it very much, it doesn't have that little problem with the stitch pulling, maybe because it comes from the warehouse?!?! It's very different than the Academy blazer from Gap, I will post picks soon :-)

  4. I just picked up the biennial colorblock tote at the 5th/Market store in SF for $182 - it was final sale for $260 and then 30% off. I love it - it fits my laptop and some files/papers (in middle zip pocket) along with wallet, sunglasses, phones, miscellany in the other pockets. It's a perfect work bag for non-rainy days. Usually I use the biennial satchel but it gets a bit heavy on my shoulder sometimes. I like the option of crossbody and overshoulder and handheld. Plus I wear a lot of orange and camel and black so it coordiantes.

    I tried on the maritime blazer a while ago and didn't like the way the fabric didn't stay flat near the shoulders and near the pockets.

    1. Ltee thank you for stopping by and so very much for the info on this bag! I didn't know it was the biennial color block until Gigi and you give the heads up! I will try to find one, love the size, color, 3 parts...ohhh, everything!

      Just to ,et you know, I got the maritime blazer today and I really like this one, maybe because is from the warehouse?!? I don't know, but it seems to fit perfect, and I don't think I will need to fix the length :-) try to order, it's not final sale and $49 before %! you might like it ;-)

  5. Thanks for alerting me about the maritime blazer getting another markdown. I was at my store shortly after the opened to grab my size in the black with tan/ peach stripe. Very comfy and I see it being good for the fall in this colorway. I may eventually pick up the ivory dark cove one. I need to slow down my spending but this one was too good a deal to resist with extra 30%.!

    1. Shopping Celle-so good to know you grab the black with tan, I've not seen this color combo irl, but I like it too! It's a versatile blazer, and you are right, great for Fall in this dark combo! This exta 30% makes things hard to resist, right?! Thanks for stopping by :o)


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