Monday, May 13, 2013

Liberty + Denin Boyshirt goes to ihop!

Last Saturday we had a great time going out for brunch on a place we don't go since kiddos were babies!
Now they have a delicious Simple n' fit menu, 
with sugar free syrup and egg substitute!
Just delightful !
For my boys were like their first time, 
and they felt in Heaven :-)

We also manage to go to a huge Asian supermarket,
 and we enjoyed a few hours there ( crazy busy!) choosing fishes (first time I saw how they kill the fish, and I felt so bad for the Tilapias and Stone crabs we bought),

here they are still alive...

taste so good after cooked in salted/seasoned boiled water!
 We also got some shrimp, scallops + fruits that we never taste before!
- Dragon fruit -

Got me some coffee & coconut candy - LOVE them!
Such adventure!
But everybody had fun and we enjoyed dinner a lot!

Pink rice, salad, shark
+corn and crabs!

And last but not least,
First choice was the gold bag,
but didn't have time to switch - took pictures for you!
Left the house with the navy bag :o)
Handbag, Pants~watch for daily pop-backs~, shoes and jewelry - J.Crew/ Denim boy shirt - Madewell.
Have a lovely day!


  1. We've moved from steak to pancakes and seafood! It all looks delicious!! My son has pancakes (homemade, very easy) for breakfast. The only thing that can lure him away from pancakes is a belgian waffle (usually a treat from a local diner). I haven't been to ihop since my kiddo was a toddler. Nice they added a healthy choice menu.

    What does dragon fruit taste like?

    1. My boys love pancakes too, and waffles was a must after 4th July DC trip, they love it the waffle maker at the hotel, and I had to buy one :-) what I love most at ihop is the coffee carafe just fir me in the table! Ha!!

    2. Aff, thus iPhone doesn't let me eraser anything - it stops writing :-(
      The dragon fruit tastes "nothing" really :-( it's pretty white with little black points that looks like seeds, but all tasteless :-( maybe I should add something that I don't know ?!? :-P


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