Wednesday, May 8, 2013

J.Crew & Gap

Can you see the difference? 
Please be kind,
and say yes!

May I get enough stripes someday?
I don't know
but those two blazers look are different to me!
 One is not lined - the other fully lined
One has thin stripes - the other wide stripes. 
The Gap blazer seems to be a bit shorter,
but they are both "dry clean"
the J.crew Maritime I can wear Spring/Summer,
and the Gap Academy I can wear on Fall...

- I like both :-P -

I might have a brain damage... -LOL-
Have a great day!


  1. They are VERY different! ;)
    If you keep both, you will find they each work with different prints in a different way. Some will clash with one and not the other. Have fun with them. :)

  2. Thank you TR! I'm keeping both,i thought the same :o) I will use them in a different way, thnx for you support ! Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Yes, they're different. I have the JC version and I'm pretty sure it's longer than the Gap. I also think the silhouette fits a little different on one than the other. So between those features & the stripes, the are different enough. Tiffany Rose is right about clashing w/prints & such. Plus, the Gap will work & make sense into fall. Whereas the J Crew one reads as more spring/summer.

    Happy Mother's Day!! :)

    1. Thank you Gigi for your opinion :-) I'm keeping both, they are different and beautiful blazers to wear in different occasions.

      Happy Mother's Day !

  4. Hi Andrea! They are definitely two different blazers in terms of the outfits you can make with each one. I'm a huge fan of stripes too and always seem to make room for one more striped item in my closet. :)

    1. ABC hi! Thank you so much got your input :-) it seems I can't get enough of stripes , and I'm a beginner lover for spring/ summer blazers. I can't wait to start wearing them :-)


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